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Dosage Modifcation/Question


So my cycle commenced this past Sunday.

I'm running 500mg Test C, 400mg EQ for 10 weeks. 50mg Var weeks 1-4.

Now onto the question, I front loaded the EQ. I injected 700mg of EQ and 250mg of Test on Sunday. My next injection day(Wed) I was originally going to go with 250 mg of Test and 200mg of EQ(as all of my biweekly injections will be). However I'm considering injecting 500mg of Test just this coming Wed along with 200mg EQ.

I guess this also a frontload of Test, however not as sound theoretically as my EQ frontload. Will I experience the benefits of the Cyp sooner if I do so? Or am I just asking for an increased chance of sides? I appreciate the input.


Front loading the test as well will help get your levels up faster so yes, you will experience the benefits sooner. There is increased chance of sides, but with 500mg of test, that's really not all that dangerous, nothing you can't prevent.