Dosage Help Please

Ok so I’m at the end with the doc I’m seeing. My pharmacy can’t get the 100mg/ml test cyp I’ve been prescribed so after two weeks of calling the doctor and not getting calls back I have finally got a 4.26 ml vial of 200mg/ml to get me through until the other comes in. The directions on the script still says inject 1ml every week (I split it into two though) which were the directions on my 100mg dose. So my question is; shouldn’t I have to split that dose in half due to it having double the testosterone? Thank you in advance for your help.

Yes. Your new rx has 200mg of T in every 1ml. So if you want to inject 100mg/week then you’ll fill the syringe to 0.25ml and inject twice weekly.

100mg/ml is not used very often.
200mg/ml works fine.
Your script was to inject 100mg T cyp per week, so do that.

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@Nashtide thank you for you reply. @KSman I do understand this. They are out of the 100mg and had to give me 200mg to substitute, but the instructions were to inject the same as before. I didn’t want to do more than prescribed

Just a technical oversight.