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Dosage/Frequency Advice, Test and Tren E


Hi all. I have been running Sustanon at 700mg twice a week (350 on Monday and Thursday) with 100mg Var ED for 8 weeks with great results. Decided to switch up compounds and go with Test Enanthate and Tren Enanthate.

My question is, how often to jab and at what dosages do you think?

I'm currently 'cutting' whilst maintaining muscle. Listening to my body with regards to my macro and increasing and decreasing as need be, using carb cycling protocol. Also using clen on a two week on two week off basis.

Using 0.5 arimidex EoD with good results during cycle so far.

This is my second cycle after running sust once a week with var at 50mg a day. Any advice on question posed welcome! Thanks in advance




I thought I'd touched on that!

either way, I'm looking to slowly drop body fat whilst maintaining or building muscle. This year being the first time cycling with injectables I am using it as a trial run and experimenting with compounds to prep me for when I am ready to jump on stage.


get diet in check first and typically if you want to lose fat- higher tren than test, keep test pretty low, like 200mg a week, if you're more concerned about adding muscle than dropping a lot of fat then up the test and the tren. I'm not saying you can't lose fat this way, it just won't be as effective as low test, high tren.


The diet is in check and at the point where I can manipulate to alter results as and when.

I'm still no clearer on frequency? The plan was to pin 300mg test E on Monday and then the Tren on Thursday at 0.5ml. Unsure as to the stability in blood levels this way as I have no experience with Tren.


they are both enanthate ester bro, same thing


pin everything same day, twice a week


Have you considered Test prop+Tren Ace instead? Shorter ester will give you a lot less water retention, helping fat loss. Also if this is your first run with tren, and third cycle, it would be advised to use short esters in case you respond poorly to tren sides. With tren e, you;d be stuck with the sides for 1-2wks depending on when it hits in the cycle. Having caber on hand would be advised as well, especially being your first run with a 19-nor.


can you explain why a short ester would give less water retention than a longer ester please