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Dosage for Oral Tren/PCT


Picked up a 50 ml bottle of oral tren, thinking of doing 2 ml ( 400 mcg ) pd , first time using oral tren , wondering gains, also taking 1000 mg milk thistle and lib-52 as well. . Planning on Clomid for pct and just started using test boosters, using test freak , was going to take take after pct. Thoughts suggestions?

198 lbs , 5’10.
Bench press max 350
Deadlifts 480
Leg press Eva press 720 @ 6 reps


The liver protection you should be using is TUDCA, along with NAC. Look those 2 products up, they’re far superior to what you have.

The test boosters are useless.

Why are you using oral tren? The ONLY reason oral tren should be used is directly before competition, as it produces very strong gains for many people, but can only be run safely for very short periods of time. 2-4 weeks at most. It is VERY VERY toxic.

Your lifting numbers are not great, and you don’t squat, so I assume you’re only interested in how you look, not how much weight you can lift. I think oral tren is a bad fit for you based on this.


Thanks for input but severely toxic. Looking for input and help not trash talk. Next.


I’ve used it. While on cycle. I highly recommend running test with it. Also you will want caber with it to manage prolactin sides. Your pct will be standard protocol. But again I highly highly highly recommend only taking this drug with test, or while on cycle. Also. The Androgenic side effects are strong. Very strong . I mean look at the anabolic/androgenic rating on this drug. Literally the highest I’ve ever seen. Within two days of taking it. I got more back acne than I ever have on cycle. And anger can be very pronounced if you are not use to Tren.

So all in all. Not bashing you. But don’t run it alone. Especially if you have never ran a cycle of injectables before.



I have run test, but i nothing about it went well so I want to stay away from pins for awhile, with an allergic reaction first then an infection closer to the end. Maybe down the road but not now. Want to give it a try heard lots of good reviews. Thanks brother great info. What a your input on test boosters for recovery ?


How was that trash talk? It’s not a bad thing that you’re not lifting huge weights, it just tells me what your goals likely are. Was I wrong about this? Oral tren’s greatest benefit is in the powerlifting world, and I mentioned that you don’t squat as evidence that you don’t compete in powerlifting. That’s not negative or positive, it’s just a fact. I don’t find oral tren’s impact on aesthetics to be worthwhile, considering it can only be run for such a short time.

I consider oral tren to be something that should only be considered by elite or near-elite athletes who have exhausted other options. The risk/reward of this particular compound is just so unfavorable as compared to other options.

Also, I didn’t realize you were talking about doing an oral ONLY cycle. I just assumed you were going to run test with it. Ross is absolutely right, running this by itself is a very bad idea.

If you are absolutely set on running an oral-only cycle, you’ll be much better off with d bol. You can make great gains without the terrible side effects. I know someone who took exactly 1 dose of oral tren as an experiment. He wanted to see how negatively it effected his lipid values. His liver was still trashed a full 2 months after the single dose. He got bloodwork every 2 weeks following the dose to track the damage.

And again, the test boosters are useless. They won’t do what you want them to do. There is plenty of scientific literature available to back this up. PCT (clomid or nolvadex) should be sufficient.


Yeah I am not into competeing but I do lift to increase strength and look great as well. Both are important. And yeah I got lots of mixed reviews with test I was thinking it would be good to boost test back up after a cycle where your test is shut down. I am going through with the cycle , what mcg would you prefer for solid gains and to stay on it for timewise? I was thinking 400 mcg that would be 25 days . And I have Clomid for pct and arimidex for ai. I took .5mg three times weekly , would that be great amount. Didn’t mean to go on the offensive just didn’t sound as much helpful as it arrogant. Thank you for the input though I do appreciate it.


It is important to restart your testosterone production following a steroid cycle, and that’s what PCT is for. PCT drugs do this effectively, whereas over the counter ‘test boosters’ do not.

Look man, I know you’re going to do what you want, but 25 days is a long time to run oral tren, particularly with no testosterone base. I think you’re gonna hate it when you’re done. Your appetite is going to be killed, and you’re going to have to deal with the toxicity for months after your cycle is over. I’m really interested to hear/see the results from this. I hope you follow up with us and let us know how it goes.

Oral tren does NOT aromatize, so an AI will be useless. Don’t run the arimidex unless you run an aromatizing compound with the oral tren.

The dose you’ve suggested is reasonable. Don’t raise the dose from this though. I would have suggested 250-500 mcg, so you’re within standard range. I would cut it to 3 weeks for safety, but that’s a risk/reward proposition you have to determine for yourself.

I don’t believe you will make lasting gains. You should be able to assess the overall value of the cycle about 2 months after you complete it. At that point, you’ll know how well you recovered, and have a pretty good idea of how sustainable your gains will be.

Best of luck, and again I hope you follow up with us at the end of your run.


Alright sounds good , I’ll definitely get back on here once and awhile for updates. Thanks.