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Dosage for "Crazy Bulk Anvarol" at 14?


I know this product is intended for adults, but since this product should be harmless, I want to give it a try, should I take the recommended dosage that is 3 per day, or since I am four years below the intended age, I should take 2 only?


You should take zero.


Those ingredients in those dosages are useless. Literally one bite of a McDonald’s hamburger would be better for building muscle than a dose of that crap.

So either every review of the product is a lie and it’s a junk product being peddled by scam artists or it’s laced with some kind of low-quality steroid or prohormone that obviously isn’t listed on the label (That’s not an uncommon practice with no-name supplement companies).

Neither of those options are a good way to go. The first one means you’re taking ineffective garbage, the second one means you’re risking serious long-term damage. Your best bet is to toss it.

At 14, you can see ridiculous progress with a decent training program and good eating.


Really? I thought it does no harm so I’d give it a try. What makes it so that it’s unsafe for me to take it? Thx.


I didn’t even look at the ingredients. At 14 you’re wasting your or who ever’s money. You don’t need a fat burner at 14.

As soon as you get off your bus after school:

  1. Run 10 all out sprints, or
  2. Find a hill and run up and down it, or
  3. Do 50 burpees as fast as you can, or
  4. _______insert about 1,000 things here.

You’ll lose weight.


The fact that supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA or anyone makes it unsafe. Only after X amount of people die or get permanently f-ed up will the FDA step in.

Supplement does not mean replace. It also doesn’t mean magic. Everything you need is in food.

You’re 14. You need nothing but food and hard work. This is a good thing. At some point in the next 4 years your body will hit the right stage of puberty and you will see fast and impressive strength and size gains. That only happens if you’re working hard. There’s no signal or alarm clock that tells you when you hit that phase. Start now and keep going…forever if you want to be big and strong.

That phase during puberty is like being on steroids if you’re fueling your body properly and training. Get excited about it and be patient.

Also, watch Bigger, Stronger, Faster on Netflix. There’s a segment that shows how ridiculous the supplement industry can be.


Wild yam is used to treat menopausal women. I do not think you fall into that category. Many people have allergic reactions to it. Leave it alone.


How about the fact that it has SOY Protein in it? Want man-boobs, and crying jags? Then take it and enjoy the phyto-estrogens. Frankly at 14, you’re too young and uneducated to take anything other than whole foods.

Dont fuck yourself up because of something you read online or heard one of your dumbass friends say.


Chris nailed it. Either the product is useless or it is unsafe. There is no possible world in which this is both a safe and effective product, based on the ingredient list. At 14, there is literally no supplement worth taking.


To effectively scale the dosage, take the amount an adult should take, divide it by your age in years, and then multiply that number by zero.


A good way to tell if a supp is junk- It has a name that sounds like a steroid. Like “Decablamo!” It’ll blow up yer muscles!


Guys, look at the ingredients and go google the price. Good God. Fucking mindblown.


I don’t think 150mg of soy’ll do all that much harm.

Can’t see the supp doing much of anything, really.


I’ve seen it all now.


True. I didnt notice the amounts until after my rant. Point is the kid is falling for a miracle pill and that aint it!

We’ve probably all done it when we were younger, I used to read Muscle and Fitness and ordered some bullshit from them more than one time hoping for results like the ones they showed in the mags. I was such a newbie! LOL


I bought a super fancy (expensive) form of creatine in my younger days, but that was about it. Fact was I was too poor for the fancy supps, otherwise I hate to think the amount of money I’d have dropped on them!


I used to buy that stuff that you dropped under your tongue, can’t even remember what it was called… was a purpleish coloured liquid… did absolutely nothing…