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Dosage for Arginine


I'm looking into picking up some arginine. What is the recommended dosage? I've read anywhere from 1.5g up to 5g. And that it should be taken post workout due to its ability to increase gh production.


1 - 5 grams taken 1 -3 times a day. Arginine can lead to diarrhea, weakness and nausea so start small and progressively increase the dose as your tolerance allows.

And yes it does boost GH by inhibiting somatostatin, which normally inhibits the release of GH.


We give our dog around 10-12g/day if that is of any help :wink:


That must be one hell of a dog. haha. Is it recommended to take everyday or just post workout?


i tried it for a while pre-workout when i was on the fasted training donkey. made my ears tingle but i think it helped. and like patrick said, anymore than 1 small teaspoon made me occupy the bog for 6 hours


she sure is. She's going through chemo right now, so it's for that reason that she gets it.