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Dosage for Anavar and Tbol, Suggestions for Cycle?


Hey guys,

48 years old
16-18% BF
Train 6 days a week, cardio and resistance, trained on off for 25 years plus, constant for the last three years.
Cycled anavar, Hdrol, katana drol all as separate cycles.

I have now got my hands on the following:

300 x 10 mg tabs of TBol (JL labs LTD and Euro Pharma)
60 x 50 mg tabs of var + 66 x 15 mg tabs var (British dragon and Med tech solutions)

60 tabs of NAC (600mg per tab)

Enough clomid for a 4 week pct

Currently out in the desert so diet is as per USmC field conditions mre and ugre, I have protein sup, bcaa, Creatine mono. So diet/ protein intake not to good. But workable.

This will be my first combine cycle. I read that optimum period is 6 weeks, dosage from approx 60mg Ed for var 40 mg Ed for Tbol. Split twice a day.
Spike it for two weeks in the middle up dose depending on sides!
PCT 4 weeks clomid 20 mg ed.

Gentlemen ladies, any tweaks anyone would mention any advice welcome, due to start the cycle in around mid Oct.

Thanks for reading and please I can't get pins out here so that's off the cards.


Your 48 years old, you should be on TRT not doing Oral only cycles.


Can you elaborate, if it means pinning, no can do, any mail we receive is exrayed.


No don’t want to mess around with that , I’m healthy and no probs downstairs.


Again guys can anyone actually answer my question, as opposed to just throwing in something totally irrelevant.


Its nit irrelevant your cycle is shit as is any oral cycle. If pinning is out of the question then wait till your not out of country. Your not going to get much help here especially with the gear you have just how it is.