Dosage and Total Testosterone ng/dl Levels


I know everyone is different but in general is there any relation to weekly dosage and total testosterone level that someone can expect from say 100mg/week of cypionate vs 125, 150 or 200?


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No, as evidenced by @tareload many graphs and data points. But you know this already. All you can really say is that your TT at 150mg will be lower than your TT on 200mg.

IMO, you must weigh the pinning frequency you can tolerate and the minimum Total Testosterone trough you want.

I suppose I should have tested the peak, but I am dealing with a medical doctor which I have no idea her level of understanding of half-life of the elimination of the testosterone.

As for me personally, I am sick of pinning. So I pin every 5 days with 100mg of testosterone cypionate, aiming for a total testosterone between 500 and 600 ng/dL at the trough. That calculates to 140mg/wk.

If the premise offered by the OP were true, then there would be no need for labs.

Confirmed with blood work? Post your results over at the dose response thread. Thanks.

@tareload can you be specific what you want from me?

I have a few blood test results over a few years (I have misplaced quite a few), but I am only one “individual” person. Might you be over sampling a unique person if you use all of my results.

Here is the thread with details. With your analytical mind and knowledge I know you can follow along. As per the guidelines feel free to post what you are willing to over at that thread. There are two ways to go about the analyses in my mind with the tool. You could either sample a population as here with TNation or you could look at an individuals results over time to test the consistency in rates of fT elimination and obviously SHBG. Ideally we would do all of this as fT vs dose but TT will have to do given many historical reasons and arcane details. Thanks.

**Note I started this work in the TRT section and have now extended into Pharma land.

Yeah, the more you take, the higher your T will be.

100 mg works to puts most men at 500 to 1000 depending on the day being tested.

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Thank you everyone for the great info.