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Dosage Adjustment When Adding HCG?

Hey all, I’m adding HCG again, and at 300IU every other day, I seem to be feeling pretty good so far.

I was previously on 168mg T cyp per week (daily injections). I’m trying to find out what a reasonable T dose would be when adding the HCG. My TT has been around 1100-1200 and my E2 has been in the mid 40’s with just T cyp. I was considering dropping to 60mg T cyp per week but that just seems insufficient and risky to my mental health if my levels creep down too far.

Any suggestions?

Dont make an adjustment. Leave it as is and continue with the same dose when you cycle off.

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Wouldn’t I risk sending my TT through the roof?
And what if I were to decide that I want to stay on HCG year round?

In 3 months get a BT and if you’re skyrocket high, make and adjustment. Then you can decide if you want to keep doing it. Give everything a chance to boot up and get the presses running, otherwise you run the risk of falling from the sky. 3 months of supra levels is just part of the experiment. Ive been there. HCG is like a cycle when I add it. Better than upping my T dose. I mean, you have mentioned wanting to cycle higher doses, this is your chance without messing with your TRT dose

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I noticed a 100ng drop when I took out HCG. I was taking 875iu per week, I think. Not that big of a hit, so wouldn’t adjust T dose at all

Hi all, adding an update here.

I decided to drop my T dose to see what would happen, and scale it up as necessary.

I’ve noticed I’ve been getting really depressed and so tired I can barely hold my head up some afternoons.

Would this suggest that I should raise my T dose again first? I definitely don’t feel like an angry AAS user, that’s for sure. Oddly my libido has been through the roof.

At this point, you already know the answer. You shouldve stayed put. You asked for advice and you went against it. Now you want more advice that you wont follow. So do what you think is the correct thing to do. Stop messing with your dose. The HCG hasnt kicked your balls into gear yet, and you lowered your dose. Well now you’re falling from the sky. Lets not play around too much.

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