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Dos Santos Carwin


Brock is sick again. I really wanted to see this fight more anyways. So who ya got


Word's still out on Carwin's striking skill. Everything I've seen tells me JDS will pick him apart on the feet... except Carwin isn't going to strike with him, he's going to push him into the cage with a flurry and work on him against the cage. For me, the question would be how Junior handles that sort of clinch, and if he can push through Carwin's strength.

I got Junior in this. I like Shane, but this is a tough matchup. I'll be rooting for him.


Anything can happen with Carwin in the cage. I can't remember if Juniors chin has really been tested, although I don't think it really matters when you are matched against Carwin, one hit from that monster can easily put you to sleep. Both guys are my favorites, but I think I'll be putting my money on Carwin if he is really going to open up around +200, JDS is definitely better technically but like rundy said, Carwin is going to push the pace from the very first second and try to overwhelm JDS with strikes, and will keep on going until his tank is empty. Who knows how fast it will run out this time, for JDS this should be just a matter of fighting smart and staying away from Carwins powerbombs, keeping the distance in the first and opening up more in the 2nd and 3rd, probably picking up a stoppage if Carwin can't pull off the upset in the 1st. Going to be a great fight, although I would've loved to see Brock go spinning around the cage again.


Yeah I think JDS has got this unless Carwin strikes early, which is very possible. I'm just happy, this fight pretty much guarantees a KO.


exciting fight - cant pick a winner to be honest. Carwin's got ridiculous power but like you guys ahve said JDS is definately more technical in pretty much ever area. I'd like JDS to win, not cause i have anything against Carwin but just cause JDS is such a gent. really enjoying watching him on TUF. guarenteed good fight though - cant wait! while we're talking about UFC - what do guys reckon about Machida's come back? do you think he's good enough to reclaim the LHW title?


I think he needs to beat a whole bunch of tougher guys than Couture to even have people consider him that serious of a threat to Bones. I personally believe he would get raped even worse than Shogun.


hmmm...i didn't know what you guys were talking about until i saw the news about Brock. well, this is prolly a better matchup anyway, since the winner gets a title shot and the loser fights Brock or the Mir/Nelson.

i question JDS's KO power at HW, since he hit Nelson about a thousand times, so i don't think he has it to KO Carwin. on the flip side, i don't think Carwin has the speed and timing to catch JDS, so this might be more of a ground war, IMO....


The reason I believe JDS is going to KO Carwin is because I believe he must be really pissed at not being able to finish Nelson and therefore he is going to push it extra hard if he just has the opening. Also, I don't see Carwin going full 3 rounds no matter what, the mans a tough son of a bitch but guy that huge won't be able to hang in there as long as a guy who probably walks around 30 lbs lighter. I think he should be able to push the pace at least so hard in the 3rd that Carwin won't be able to defend himself well enough and the fight will be stopped (don't have my word on this but I recall seeing a couple of situations in the JDS - Nelson fight where some ref might've stopped it).

Also interesting Maia - Munoz match up on the card, what you guys think will happen in that one?


JDS is going to have a lot more trouble now, with Brock he would just have to be worried with the Takedowns, now he got a guy with iron punches.


Also i really hope it's doesn't go the distance, since everyone who trains with Alejarra end up gassing on their fights, that guy is a cancer.

Although Carwin has the Gas tank of a smoker.


Really? He TKO'd Gonzaga, Yvel, Struve and KO'd Werdum.


Carwin will run through Dos Santos like a hot knife through butter.

Edit: providing that Carwin's back surgery has not left him void of his former skills.


You're dead wrong again, Zeb.

Carwin - Dos Santos is still stacked in favour of the Brazilian (I say about 7:3).
The gameplan changes and will be more about the clinch. That's about it.

It's still about wether a clean, technical hvyweight striker can knock out a superheavy wrestler/brawler and about not losing nerves during first two minutes.

Carwin's standup is probably easier to gauge for an elite striker then Lesnar's as he has a lot of wild but heavy punches, where Carwin's standup is all about his right cross.

Dos Santos KOs Carwin at the end of the 1st/middle of the 2nd.


Not if he gets taken down.


What do you mean "wrong again?" I'm riding a three fight prediction win streak Bub.

As to the fight I have a lot of respect for Dos Santos skills. But, Carwin will be too much for him on the feet and especially on the ground. As I said, if Carwin has retained his pre back surgery skills he'll win fairly easily.


good point....

i think Carwin has a chance for a 1st round KO/TKO, and Dos Santos will be better off in the later rounds....i guess i could see him getting a 3rd round TKO.

i read where Carwin intends on coming in much lighter, and not actually cutting weight for the fight (more like walking around at 260). i could see that help his cardio, but he'll lose some of his edge in the strength/power area.

i don't think Dos Santos' strategy will change much (vs Brock), but he does need to be more mobile, as far as defending both the punch and takedown. Carwin is more of a counterpuncher, so he does have a chance of wearing him down there, depending on how much Carwin worked on his mobility...


Like with Cain V. - Brock L.

You have been quite tedious in your thorough exploration of why Lesnar's wrestling would be impossible to defend against and your meticulous citations of Brock's college credential data was overflowing this forum.

Now you dismiss DosSantos.

Carwin has heavy hands. Dos Santos, too. Only that he is two levels above Carwin in terms of technique. He's also relentless and won't be discouraged if his hands can't seem to snuff out the lights while striking true (as seen with Roy Nelson, who btw will make mincemeat out of Mir).

The only question is, can he overpower him early on?
Let's see about that.
Tis a small chance and Carwin is aware of that which is a double edged sword as with every one-dimensional fighter. The longer the fight goes, the less heart he'll have.

After two minutes, it'll be largely decided.


Yes, when you take a public position you are sometimes wrong. How many fights have you called on this forum? What is your record of wins vs losses? I could check but I just don't care enough.

Perhaps a couple of minutes, perhaps longer. Either way, Carwin will be the victor, if he is the Carwin of old and the operation has not effected him. But then I've already said that now 3 times. Shall we post a few more times and say the same thing?

That would be fun why don't we? Your turn.


i wanna say carwin takes it. jds couldnt put down roy nelson who as we all know got murdered by arlovski. also if you watch the fight i think that the crocop jds fight really could have gone the other way if crocops heart was in it. jds didnt stop that fight an aging broken hero did. i think brock would have beat jds as well and im gonna say right now that cain does not defend his title. the brock win was a fluke and im convinced it was rigged. he never appeared to be anything more than a journymen until that point and then they market him as the first potential mexican champion and do there first all spanish ppv broadcast.then the titan who in his previous fight weathered a shitstorm of bombs from a proverbial brick shithouse man mountian and came out on top gets rattled and looks like hes never fought a day in his life. as for tuf brock is what the sport needs he preaches cardio conditioning and explosiveness. stop treating it like a sport and start treating it like a fight JDS fighters golding people against the cage and laying on top doing no damage could make santa clause himself vomit with rage.


Yes, KOing Nog makes you a journeyman now. Get with the times people!