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Do's and Don'ts of Blood Testing?

I have been plowing through the information here by the days, hours and weeks. I have read lots of stickies and still haven’t been able to find any information on pre-testing. I am trying to find information on raising or lower of the T levels prior to testing. Is there any criteria for things to do or not do prior to testing and if so how far out. I understand time of day is important but how much does it affect the results. Is there suggestions on food, sleep etc that may hamper the out come of the levels? If this info is out there would someone mind posting a link?

I am a 52 year old male and my last Dr visit I told him I wanted my T levels tested so he sent me off to get blood work done. My results below and he simple stated I was fine. So this got me wondering about influencing factors and getting a complete panel workup to get the real picture.

Thanks for any and all suggestions.

Component Your Value Standard Range
TESTOSTERONE 498 ng/dL 302 - 903 ng/dL

Recommend ordering Testosterone Total and Free Female or Child due to increased sensitivity in female and children.

I’d say that’s a pretty good level for a 52yr old. Are you experiencing symptoms of low T?

Lack of sleep markedly lowers morning T levels, and binge drinking lowers test levels for about 18hrs post-binge. If you want to show up with low T levels get drunk the night before and get as little sleep as you can stand.

Was total T the only test he ordered? If so, you are in need of a new doc. The stickies clearly point out the exact labs you need prior to TRT.

Do not test prolactin after hugging babies or an orgasm.

Do not test thyroid levels after doc palpates your thyroid or PSA after a DRE of your prostate.

Do not test TSH if taking high dose iodine, wait a few weeks.

fasting cholesterol
fasting glucose

Do not have T tunnel vision. There is a lot more that is important than just T.

There is not really much that affects T levels. Some claim that lack of sleep will lower it.

@Nashtide Yes Total was the only test he ordered and at that point I had not found this site or the stickies. Had I been better informed I would have asked for a complete panel as suggested in the stickies.

Thanks @KSman, I’ve read the baby and puppy response in some of your other thread however I didn’t know it affected prolactin.

@Juggs Aside from the restless sleep, lack of energy and nonexistent sex drive is the inability to gain any mass after lifting for a year. Maybe that just comes with age and i need to lower my expectations.

Im 54 and I worked out for about a year before starting TRT. I made some decent gains before the TRT. Since being on TRT about 5 months, I’ve made more significant gains in LBM while losing some fat. At our age, I would not expect to pack on a ton of muscle, but I feel stronger and look leaner and harder than before TRT. Just not packing on slabs of muscle like the 20 somethings at my gym.