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Dorsi Flexion Problem--Please Help!

I have an unusual problem that I cannot find a solution for. I like to play racquetball. I play with a group of guys who are all quite a bit better than I am and we play hard for an hour. I have played with them steady for about three months. I use racquetball as HIIT training on MWF. I lift on TThS.

Here is my problem. The muscles in the front of my shins get extremely fatigued. These are the muscles that pull the toes up toward your head (dorsi flexion of the ankle). When I first began playing I attributed this to lack of conditioning. Now I have been playing long enough that this should have taken care of itself.

However, the problem seems to be getting worse instead of better. I play one or two games and these muscles get so fatigued, they don?t seem to work anymore. I wind up literally tripping over my own feet because I can?t pick up my toes.

I have tried lifting weights with these muscles placing a bar or dumbbell on my feet and doing a dorsi flex action. I have tried both heavy/low reps and light/high reps schemes. No luck yet. Has anyone in the T-Nation had success fixing this problem before? I’m all ears.

I had a similar problem & found two successful ways of sorting it out - place your hands on a kitchen top & do a slow squat until you lose your form & your backside starts to stick out. At that point start to come onto your toes & you’ll feel a range of movement that targets the muscles on the front of yout shin.

When you have practised that for a few days, move onto sumo squats with the widest possible stance & keep your big toes curled up. Keep your back straight & don’t stick yuor ass out. Do loads of reps either with very low weights or bodyweight only. It will work :slight_smile:

Sounds like you have a case of Foot Drop, see your doctor.

Foot drop can be associated with a variety of conditions such as dorsiflexor injuries, peripheral nerve injuries, stroke, neuropathies, drug toxicities, or diabetes.