Dorm Room Nutrition?

hey, so i’m almost done with my freshman year of college and looking at what i’ve been eating i realize that it isn’t very healthy (easymac and ramen). So I was wondering if anyone had any ideas og healthy and nutritious foods i could have in my dorm. Thanks

Dining hall.

And if you’re bulking it’s really not a big deal, dude.

Dining Hall ~ No one said you have to eat the bad stuff, just strip off the crap bread off the burgers, eat the meat and salad, everything that looks like charred flesh you can pour that on. Now if you can figure out how to ninja bushels of meat into your pockets, you’ve got some dorm food right there!

Personally I have a mini fridge in my dorm room, it comes in quite handy. I keep pre cooked chicken, spinach, eggs, cottage cheese etc in there and have pantry type stuff just out in the room…things like oats, protein powder, peanut butter etc.

So although a dining hall can come in handy, I think the quality of food they offer at most dining halls is pretty shoddy and not worth the price.

get down to the dining hall for breakfast and go have them make you some eggs, if they do that (lucky for me, they have eggs made to order). if not, see if they have hardboiled and shove a bunch of those down. if not again, sucks that you have to eat the shitty fake scrambled eggs. grab as much fruit as you can, bowl of oatmeal if they’ve got it, drizzle some olive oil on that bowl.

lunch time, hit up the salad bar and take all those veggies. if they’ve got any kind of protein (except soy), go get as many servings as you can, because sometimes decent protein is hard to come by in these places. If not, you’ll have to settle for a tunafish sandwich. But try to only have that 2 times a week or so. Take some more fruit for between class and what not, and then for later.

Basically do the same thing for dinner, load up on any protein they’ve got. Hit up the salad bar for more of those veggies and some spinach, get some beans. Take some apples with you to have with peanut butter later on.

Also, just go to the nearest GNC or Vitamin Shoppe and buy a tub of protein powder for when you can’t go to the dining hall after hours.

For before bed, again, go for that natural peanut butter (I usually buy it in bulk whenever I am back home). See if you can bring down a plastic bag to steal some nuts from the hall if they’ve got 'em. If not, buy them in bulk while you are home.

That’s essentially what I do, I’m doing quite alright. To keep it simple, eat as many of the whole foods in the dining hall as possible. Clean out your room from any garbage like EZ-mac, and you won’t have to worry about eating it.

along with the advice above do a search and read the “school days” series I and II by Steve Berardi itll help

[quote]Phill wrote:
along with the advice above do a search and read the “school days” series I and II by Steve Berardi itll help

Here are the links:

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

take ur bookbag and load it up with tupperware containers and go for the gold man! load them up with chicken , veggies, rice, cottage cheese, take a variety of fruits, stack it up with oatmeal, eggs and store them in ur fridge and all you have to do is pull it out and heat it back up! real simple