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Dorm Life

I’m a junior in college, and I’m really trying to tweak my diet for the better. It’s hard to get good stuff though. Between my roomate and I we have one minifrig (I put cottage cheese and organiv peanut butter in there, he’s got soda and crap), I have room for maybe 3 jugs of Grow!. The food in our caff is decent, better than a lot of schools, but it’s still not awesome. As far as what they have there (not neccesarily what I eat): Breakfast is usually eggs, some sort of breakfast meat, oatmeal, potatos. Lunch is Pizza, pasta, lunch meats, some times cous cous, stuff like that. Dinner’s usually a meat of some sort (meat loaf chicken turkey etc), another grain type. Durring both lunch and dinner there’s an open salad bar.
So keeping with the whole fact that I want to eat cleaner, any idea’s?

Article/author search. = Steve Berardi
“School Days I and II” Read then they should help a LOT.

Yes, Steve won’t steer you wrong.

There are also many examples of food lists to be found here on the Forums. Just try a search… terms like “grocery list” or “food list”… posts like “Cheap Food Plans for Beginners” or “Staples of Your Diet” and the like.

There was even a collection of T-Nation contributors’ food lists…
Hmm, what was the name of that?

Yo. In some ways you can compare my summer experience to dorm life b/c I basically had to eat out of a car.

Here are your staples:
Dried Fruits (Buy in bulk at Costco)
Other nuts
Protein powders
Protein bars
Surge for PWO, well I used Yoo-hoo and protein powder

Oatmeal you can make in a micro so that shouldn’t be an issue…even for the regular one…just keep some splenda handy.

Veggies and other fruits you can get at your cafeteria.

Also maybe some potatoes for PWO? Even bread is suitable if you want a high GI food for PWO.

Shaker bottles of course…

Meats…well you can keep cans of tuna and chicken breast handy but why not get them at the cafeteria? Check out www.foodcount.com to get an idea of the calories

I hope this helps


Cottage Cheese
String Cheese
Protein Powder
Spinach Bags
Olive Oil
Fish Oil
Tuna cans or bags

At Breakfast, get friendly with the grill staff. You can talk them into making egg whites for you…it takes some coercing, but most will do it if you are nice enough. Then give them a nice new crisp $20 bill at the end of each month. Always tip!!!

If they really like you maybe they will make you a turkey, cheese, egg white omlette.

Lunch and Dinner…staple can always be a large salad with whatever the dinner meat is. Or use the tuna that is in the salad bar…then some beans, mixed veggies. That can always be a good meal or filler.

When chili is served, dont be afraid to eat it…i had a buddy do a study on Caf’ chili…90% of the companies that make it use 88% lean beef…pretty interesting fact.

Hope this helps

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[quote]slimjim wrote:
Damn dude, I thought you were going to tell us a story about some slutty little co-ed you managed to get back to your room…your in college, get a forty and some hohos for your post workout.[/quote]

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To some people, eating Strawberry Pop Tarts instead of chocolate counts as eating more cleanly. Also, you fulfill your daily requirement for fruits and vegetables in doing so.

Read Steve’s article, some really good stuff. thanks. Started snaking stuff from the caff at dinner, eggs and turkey so I think I’ll be set.

I’m REALLY trying hard to stay off the fat slut track, that just makes me want to vomit… like really bad. Most of the chicks here are pretty fit, so I think I’m set but there’s always that chance.



I don’t know if this is the case at your school, but at our salad bar we have tuna and hard-boiled eggs. Also, the cafeteria is BARREN at breakfast, EXTREMELY busy at lunch, and open for dinner from 5-8.

At breakfast, take whatever the hell you want, there is like no one there.

At lunch, do the same, there are so many people no one will notice.

At dinner, go in early, take stuff, come back in for “seconds,” stash it in your fridge. Then come back right before they close, and jack more stuff.

I only say this if the people who work there give you crap about taking food.

I hate how everyone is ok with getting 5 servings of ice cream but if you put tuna, eggs, and turkey in a ziploc bag you get dirty looks from just about everyone…

Anyways, good luck with that I know it’s hard at college.