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Dorian Yates

Is Dorian Yates a skinhead? One of his tattoos is a big Doc Marten boot & the other has a Union Jack w/writing saying ‘My England’, as in ‘white man’s’ England maybe?

Nate…good lord. no he is not a skinhead. Doc martins are made in england, and then have got to be one of the most durible and reliable, not to mention comfortable, pair of shoes i own, and i’m certainly am not a skinhead. Now why the hell someone would get a tattoo of one is beyond me, but to each his own.

actually, dorian was in a skinhead type group in the early 80’s. He was a troubled youth before he discovered BB. However now, I believe he is more focused on his supplement company

Dorian was a skinhead and got into much trouble as a youth. According to the story…he was serving a short sentence in jail and that’s where he discovered bodybuilding. Before he ever lifted a weight, he learned as much as he could about training, nutrition (and probably anabolics too) and something like 2 years later he won the european championships.

wow…did not know that., but docs are still comfy!

Dorian actually used to have S-K-I-N tatooed on his knuckles prior to getting them removed. i recall him saying it was the cool thing to be. was never racist he said

the first skinhead movement started in england really wasn’t about race from what i understand, it was just a statement from the lower working class, and i think the racsist anger thing came about because of foreign factions moving into england and taking jobs and things like that. i could be totally wrong. there are also skin heads that aren’t racsist. they’re called SHARPS-Skin Heads Against Racial Prejudice.

Well there’s all kinds of skinheads. SHARPS are some of them. I have a lot of trad skin friends. And yes one of them is black! Traditional skinheads were never racist it was actually a movement that started in Jamaica :smiley:

There is a pic of a young Dorian drinking beer in the book “blood in the face”.It’s a about the white supremacy movement.
That is not to say he was necessarily a “racist” but if he ever had those types of views you can bet he will always deny it.

I think that picture was in some old mm2k. And if I remember correctly the book was published by KKK.