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Dorian Yates Update


yes he is on trt. he says he cut the drugs immediately after his career is over and he regrets it.


How else you going to win fucking olympia, he regrets, he had superior genetics, training, diet, he made money off olympia wins and sponsorship.
He just said because of all the morons who are on the couch, saying if i was on the juice they would be a power hitter for the Yankees.
Or a starting linebacker in NFL, fuck that even Arnold Schwarzenegger said he did it and would do it again, he made a few bucks off physique.


no you misunderstood. he doesnt regret using steroids. he regrets cutting them IMMEDIATELY after his career is over. he says he should have reduced the doses slowly.


My bad , i would taper down myself . It would be huge psychological drain to go from Mr olympia to , just jscked in 6 months.


im sure it was difficult. he says he lived like a monk during his career and a switch to a relatively normal life must be really depressing.


The drop in your T levels and spike in E levels was probably the worst of the depression. He blames it for the end of his marriage,


i wonder how relatively light juicers like arnold, franco, dave draper, bill pearl, reg park did after their bb career is over. nowadays bodybuilders die at 40s but these guys lived ( most still do ) long and they look healthy.


I can’t even imagine how much that could mess with the head. After surgeries on both my shoulders, I’m not carrying The size I once was, and that messed me up a bit. Imagine going from top IFBB pro on the Olympia stage to just average looking guy… :confused:



Great interview with Dave Draper done by Chris Colucci. It has some more recent pics of Dave, around 2005.


Yeah I was definitely noticing that in your pics



Brutal pecs in your avatar.


Saw pics on Yates’s IG earlier of him using an inversion table for his spine. Curious…



I remember the first time I saw an interview with Dorian. He seemed pretty decent and far more intelligent that I was expecting.

Then at the end of the interview he went all conspiracy, mind control crazy and I thought this guy has lost his marbles LOL.


I’m curious about those too. Seems a LOT of bodybuilder types are swearing by them.


Holy sh*tballs I checked his IG out after reading this and had no idea his wife was so…damn. DY seems go be living the life which is good to see after those years he spent living the monk life

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lol he’s at peace with his competitive past, while Shawn Ray is still whining about how he “should have won” certain contests on other forums.



Easy to be at peace when you were on top for years and years :wink:

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Same. I listened to him on Rogan awhile back. The first 2 hours were great. Filled with him talking about competing, what it takes, etc. The last hour, however, was him talking about meeting up with a shaman to open his third eye with DMT and he just sounded absurd. I don’t have anything against any hallucinogens, but goddamn dude.


Have you done DMT?


No, and I understand what it does to people and let’s some achieve, but I personally don’t care about hearing about Dorian Yates talk about it for an hour. That’s all I’m getting at.

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