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Dorian Yates Split for Natural Lifters?

Hello Christian,

at first, thank you very much for the two videos! They are awesome and very interesting, especially the first one. I never heard that stuff before but I´m also fairly “new” to all this stuff and maybe therefore. Anyway, I really appreciate that you took your valuable time and made these videos, sharing so much content for free, much respect

I have a question please regarding the right split for natural lifters.

You mentioned in one of the videos the split form Dorian Yates.

I would like to hear your thoughts and your opinion about the split from Dorian Yates for natural lifters, regarding frequency, volume, intensivness, intensity etc.

Do you think a split like Dorian had

Day1 Chest + Biceps
Day 2 Legs
Day 3 OFF
Day 4 Back
Day 5 Shoulders + Triceps
Day 6 OFF
Day 7 OFF

can work for absolute natural lifters or is this also a typical “bro split”? Is the split optimal, semi-optimal or “useless” for a natural lifter when the goal is “maximum” muscular development?

Thank you very much

Read “Success Leaves Clues” on Thibarmy and you’ll find the information you are looking for. Notice that the sample at the end is from the highest intensity phase of an ongoing program and that you’d want to periodize that component.

Should give you some ideas for periodizing intensity.

Yes it can (I actually wrote an article on my website about his training). Most muscles do get hit, at least indirectly, twice a week (he has deadlifts on leg day). Only the chest gets stimulated once per week.

Hello Christian,

thank you very much for responding to my questions!

I guess its the Success Leaves Clues article!?

I read both, the one Voxel recommended and the article on your site.

I think even if this split works for natural lifters, it´s not optimal for a beginner or intermediate? What are your thoughts? Is this really a good split to start with?

In your opinion, what is your recommendation for someone who want ot build size, which complete program?

I saw you also sell workout programs. Which one of your programs is for beginners?

Thank your very much! I appreciate your help and time!

Well, I prefer a whole-body approach for beginners. Or an upper/lower split. I like to have them “practice” contraction their muscles more often and also practice the big basic lifts more often.

I don’t have beginner programs. Yet.

However one clue, Dorian himself started out with a whole-body approach for his first year of training.

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Thanks again for your reply, last question please, can you recommend a few templates or a program? I believe in what you say, therefore I´m asking all this questions. Thanks

Honestly I might write one in the future. But I can’t just write a program for anybody who asks on my forum as program design is a service I offer to paying customers. Would not be fair for them.

I really like “starting strength” for beginners, even though it is more slanted toward strength, it gets you a good base to switch to a purely muscle growth program afterwards.

I used this exact split for years. You can see my old log in the BB section.

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Hey Coach, I totally agree with you and I understand that! I also don’t want to pick your brain for free and therefore I asked if I can buy a program. Yes, this would not be fair.

I hope you can write a program soon if you have time to kill if you are bored :smile:

I will be the first one who buy your program.

Thank you very much for taking your time and answering my questions. I appreciate this very much

Hi BrickHead, thanks for your input!

Do you mean the Dorian Yates split?

I think I’m really to stupid, but I can’t find your log? Where can I find it? Is it the thread with almost 1000 comments?

Thank you very much for your time and your help

You can likely find it using search engine with “Leaning Out/Contest Prep”.

Awesome! Thank you very much!

Dude, you look(ed) awesome!!! If you have any tips regarding that split for “beginners”, please let me know it.

Thank you very much for your time and help

It’s not a beginners split. I think beginners should stick to full and half-Body routines for about a year.

Thanks for the kind words too.