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Dorian Yates Interview

Very lengthy in-depth interview done shortly after Curry won the Olympia (Dorian chimes in with his take on the top 6 from the 90’s stomping all over today’s top tier pros).

Smart guy, very thoughtful and insightful, and admittedly shares a take on the current level of competition that I know @BrickHead and I talk about often.



I remember an interview where someone asked him about Arnold. He was honest and didn’t hold anything back but came across as thoughtful and insightful in doing it rather than a bitter dick…

then he went into an unprompted thought control conspiracy theory lol


Thanks for sharing this Stu. I remember watching this interview a little while back - I knew of Dorian before that, but this video was actually what turned me into a fan of his. Definitely agree with you that he is a very insightful person.

This was really interesting. It got weird in some places (the Kennedy assassination discussion) and I wish it had covered a bit more about his training now and why he’s doing what he’s doing now instead of weights. But agree with the others – very thoughtful guy and it was fascinating to listen to him.

I remember when Dorian was at the end of his reign, and Arnold sort of spoke down about him in an issue of Flex. Arnold didn’t like that Dorian would show up, win the Olympia, and then go back to his reclusive life in England instead of being a PR machine the way Arnold would have done.

Dorian didn’t care, but obviously didn’t take kindly to Arnold’s negative comments.



He did answer the question and he has spoken on it in other interviews. He has stated that the injuries keep him from lifting weights. He’s weaker and lifting causes him pain.

Yeah, I heard that part of the interview. I guess I was just hoping for more details. This is the only Dorian interview I’ve listened to so can certainly understand why he wouldn’t go into more on it if he’s spoken about it in other interviews.

He has interviewed on Joe Rogan for sure. Not sure how many times. I’ve heard him give 2 interviews previously. On this interview, it’s like this interviewer didn’t listen to Dorian’s other interviews because he’s asking questions and acting surprised by the answers.

This is an interesting clip. Yes, he talks about drug use, and change in the sport, but one of the last topics he touches on is how he felt so removed from himself when he was competing.

That really struck a chord with me, as very few people that I worked with from day today had any clue what I was doing in terms of competing, winning shows, even when I appeared in magazines. It wasn’t me, it was just something that I was working on.