Dorian Yates' Intermediate Program

There’ve been a couple of requests for Dorian Yates’ programs on these forums lately, so as a longtime fan, I thought I’d post this one from him from the June 1994 issue of FLEX.

DY has repeatedly said that he rarely changed programs, using only a handful of programs during his entire bodybuilding career, and all of them built around the basic exercises.

DY stayed on this particular program for a number of years, while taking himself from being an good amateur to winning the British chamionships.

He trained 4 days a week as follows: Workout 1, Workout 2, rest, Workout 3, rest. So in a 14 day period, each bodypart was worked 3 times.

The first set for each exercise for each bodypart was a warm-up set, except for abs. All non-warm-up sets were taken to failure.

He ate about 4,700 cals daily.

In my opinion, this program looks just about perfect for an intermediate trainee looking to set a solid foundation of mass. Which I guess is most people on these forums, myself included.

I think training this program 3 times a week works really well if you’re natural. I’m doing right now this in fact, and I’m noticeably growing from week to week. Started at 190 about 6 weeks ago, at 195 now and am actually leaner.

With all that said, enjoy!

Bench 3x6-8
Incline barbell bench 2x6-8
Flye 2x6-8
Barbell curl 3x6-8
One-arm preacher curl 2x6-8
Pushdowns 3x6-8
Lying extensions 2x6-8
Hanging leg raises 2x15-20
Crunches with weight 2x15-20

Leg extension 3x12-15
Barbell squats 2x12-15
Leg press 2x12-15
Leg curl 2x8-12
Standing calf raise 2x8-10

Chins 2x6-8
Barbell row 3x6-8 (conventional grip, not reverse grip that he used later)
Cable pulley row 2x6-8
Bent laterals 2x6-8
Barbell shrugs 2x6-8
Press behind neck 4x6-8
Side laterals 2x6-8

No Deadlift??? Huh???

[quote]gatesoftanhauser wrote:
No Deadlift??? Huh???[/quote]

thinking the exact same thing

[quote]gatesoftanhauser wrote:
No Deadlift??? Huh???[/quote]

He added them in in later programs but obviously not this one. Back extensions too.

Hard as it may be to believe, DY’s back wasn’t always his forte - he only really focused on after he turned pro. He’s said that he drew inspiration to build his lower back from Berry DeMay, and his upper back thickness from Momo Benaziza, who beat him at the NOC.

I don’t recall the order that he did the exercises, but Dorian’s back program as a pro consisted of:

Chins (yup, he did both pulldowns and chins)
Reverse-grip barbell row
Hammer one-arm row (previously used dumbbells until he built up to using 200+ lbs)

If you have a look at Christian Thibs’ articles, he has one which shows all sorts of program’s and how to put everything together etc.

Because Yates, and other people who use such low volume, they go all out on intesity. This includes- Rest paused sets,drop-set,forced reps, partial reps.

I’d advise you to look at the article, I’m quite sure if you go on Thibs’ author page, it’s near the bottom of page 2. Something, strategy handbook…you’ll see it.