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Dorian Yates' Boxing Specific Weight Training


As described on the website www.boxing4fitness.co.uk. Now I know boxing "4" fitness is different to competition, but the guy doing the training is a competitive amateur boxer.

Boxing specific?



If this is the same guy: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2694679443493164092

I'd suggest he get his ass out of doing "back day" and figure out how to throw a crisp jab. Fuckers in the wrong sport.


That video has got to be a joke or something, that was just pathetic.


Yeah I was really disappointed. Considering it is not unheard of for top bodybuilders to work very successfully with combat athletes I thought this vid might be something worth watching when I first found it.



this guy effin sucks and is jab is so damn lazy.


but his back is jacked







Pretty lame for a troll job,
nice avatar



Link to your avatar (fullsized) picture...NOW.


uhm ok.

no homo though

Karate Domo-kun