Dorian Yates Acquiring MEDX

what is everyones opinion on Dorian Yates acquiring MEDX…i don’t know any details of the acquisition, sole owner, CEO, part of the board…but i am curious as to what his goals are in the future

All I know is that now I’ll probably have an even harder time finding used Medx equipment if DY is associated with it!

According to the new website and an interview on high intensity business he wants it to be an exercise technology company with franchised medx gyms providing nutrition and blood tests for stuff like hormone levels for personalised training.
The website says he’s “chief fitness officer”, in the interview he seems to be saying he’s bought the company but there’s further financing to be done. Medx Fit Tech Inc. has same address in Ocala as “old” medx did

I listened to a little bit of that HIB podcast, but wasn’t able to finish it. From what little I listened to, it wasn’t clear to me if he was buying out the equipment manufacturing company, or just planning to use (enhanced) MedX machines in his franchised fitness centers. It would seem pretty ambitious to run an equipment manufacturer, AND a chain of franchised fitness centers.


Thinking about it more, he may be trying to use a business model similar what Kieser Fitness did in parts of Europe and Australia. They use MedX designed machines in all their studios (~145 of them). But the machines are made in Germany, by a company called DelpheX, using designs licensed from MedX. I believe Kieser operates some of their own studios, and also have franchises available in some areas.