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Dorian Yates 2010


chest biceps


shoulders triceps

quads hams part 1

quads hams part 2


Always cool to see Yates beating someone up,.. wish it was just some young kid instead of Keith (forget his last name) from 'that other site' though.

There's some footage online where Dorian puts Chris Cormier through a leg workout, and then Chris promptly runs out into the alley next to the gym and tosses his cookies.



I saw that one, and was surprised that Cormier had that happen considering he's a very tough, strong fucker himself. He was barfing and seemed pretty sick.


I like watching him train people, pretty straight forward and I think if a person watched this they'd have a pretty good idea how to train properly for bodybuilding in a safe no BS manner.



Great videos.


Nice thing about Dorian is that he always emphasizes technique the whole time in most of the videos I have watched of him. Awesome to see him still so engrossed in bodybuilding!


and yet so few can summon enough focus and intensity to achieve their goals.... I would imagine that having a 6x Mr. Olympia in front of you sort of gives you a little motivation to push yourself.



Bookmarked :slight_smile:


Great stuff. The great Ed Coan trains his assistance work very much like this. Those who bag on HIT don't sell out when they do it. I would say that Yates who has won 6 Olympia's and ED Coan the greatest powerlifter who has ever lived know what they're doing, so we would all be smarter to learn from these guys.



I <3 Dorian Yates


Don't do that. Don't turn a Dorian appreciation thread into a HIT debate. PLEASE.



I'm a huge Yates Fan, Mentzer as well, but no way in hell would I train like that.



It's kinda funny how you can tell through his jeans that he has way better hamstring development than many lifters will ever achieve. And this is 'smaller' for him! :slight_smile:

edit: infact, just make that better development than most of the population can hope to achieve.


yup for sure. I'll settle for the video though, just hit a pukey back session after watching the vids, good times.

That 'tips' video is pretty cool too.


Gotta love how he gave that guy shit for his squat depth. Haha.


Dorian is the man, back in the 90's when I first saw him I was like damn.


Awesome. Is there any preamble\explanation of the split and exercise selection?


Awesome videos. Thanks for posting.


Yes. He is Dorian Yates. Listen to him.