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Dorian Deads vs Rdls

Hey Paul, I’m running super soldier phase 1 with Dorian deads on my deadlift days but they feel eerily similar to rdls. Am I doing them wrong or is it a similar type movement?

You’re doing them wrong. Dorian deads are done essentially the same way you’d do a regular deadlift, you just stop the movement right below the knee. RDL’s are initiated by sticking the glutes back really hard with the chest forwards. Just start the Dorian deads like a regular dead, and when you go to perform the eccentric, stop the movement just below the knee.

can i use wide grip ?

It’s not illegal to do so, but I wouldn’t. You don’t tend to shorten in the thoracic extensions (or lengthen really) when you use a snatch grip on Dorian deads (or any deads for that matter).