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Dorian Deadlift Programming


I’m new to this forum but I have enjoyed reading your articles for several years now.

My question is on how to program the dorian deadlift. I currently do a 3X week upper/lower split and am unsure whether I should do them on the upper or lower day. I know they’re meant to target the upper back but the weight is still primarily being moved by the hamstrings and glutes. My initial thought is to do them on my upper body day and on the next leg day just go light on the hamstrings and lower back. Below is what I’m planning to do but I would really appreciate your insight on this. Thanks in advance

Upper Day 1
Weighted Dips 4x8-12
Weighted Pullups 4x8-12
DORIAN DEADLIFTS 3x8-12 (whats your take on sets and reps?)
Incline Bench 4x8-12

Lower Day 1
Smith Machine Squat 5x12-15
Leg Curls 5x8-12

Upper Day 2
DB Press 4x8-12
DB Row 4x8-12
Hammer Machine Chest Press 4x8-12
Lat Pulldown 4x8-12

Lower Day 2
Leg Press 5x12-15
RDL’s 5x8-12
Calves Abs

You’ve got it in the right place, but I would take it to 6-8 reps instead of 8-12.

Got it, thank you! I appreciate the response.

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