Doping, Doping, Doping

So right after Landis they now got Gatlin, huh?

I know it must be painful for the uninitiated (read: ignorant) to realize a lot of sportsmen are juicing (at least when there’s big money involved).

I hope this will fuel an honest debate how to cope with reality in sports business and performance enhancing drugs in general.

Does anyone at this point think that any pros are “clean?” For my part I pretty much go with the assumption that everyone is doped and the best man (who’s still be the best man, were all doping eliminated) wins.

It’d be much simpler for the various regulatory bodies to simply allow whatever doping is being done anyway, and get rid of the hypocrisy.

That way, you’d have competition among peers instead of eliminating the best ones because their pharmacist somehow messed up with his masking agents.