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Dopamine, Serotonin and Nandrolone/SSRIs

I apologize if this discussion isn’t suited to this subforum.

My understanding of Nandrolone and its derivatives is that they jack up serotonin. For someone like me who’s already got high serotonin (from a rather high carb diet) and enjoying life when drug free, Deca is a surefire one way ticket to feeling like a Prozac zombie. Completely neutered within a couple of weeks (after an initial honeymoon period).

19Nors are quite the extreme example here I reckon… anyhow do you believe that strongly rebalancing the macros toward a low carb diet can help countering the potential SSRI effect of 19nors? As of now I’m considering 40% proteins, 30% fat, 30% carbs.

Let’s forget about AAS… Would someone on SSRIs benefit from a low carb diet?

If anyone here has any reference showing how powerful macros are at tweaking neurotransmitters I’m all ears.

As someone who’s been on lexipro for about 8 months and reaping the disastrous rewards of it, I’m very interested in hearing what he, or anyone has to say on the matter.

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So the best foods to crank up dopamine and balance out high serotonin side effects would be beef, dark chocolate, berries as a top 3. Beside bananas, carbs are to be avoided, instead nuts, seeds, other lean proteins, leafy greens, garlic seem to be strongly recommended.

Not a medical advice, but if you ever feel like tweaking around macros for something high in protein and lower in carbs (type 1A diet basically), I’d be very interested in following any progress.

As of myself I had 12oz of beef and some broccolis yesterday night for dinner, and my libido was raging all night. I told my GF about it, she’s on a low protein low fat high grain vegan streak… and her libido is tanking compared to the same diet + beef. Thank god we have “flexitarian” cheat meals together.

Looks like the effect on macros on dopamine and serotonin and all the ensuing mental side effects should be taken very seriously, depending on each individual’s lifestyle. Bummer that not too many people talk about it.

Well I ate 1.5 pounds of beef everyday for a couple months, didn’t help but may have not been long enough.

I eat a ton of carbs lol. I’m actually eating 400g chicken, 200g+ of sweet potatoes, and spaghetti right now :joy:

Yeah the issue might be more so the abundance of carbs, rather than the insufficient protein intake in your case

I’d strongly consider dropping them down to periWO only. Like, dextrins and fruits. You’re massively increasing serotonin as is. Also chicken/turkey is quite high in tryptophan so that’s potentially more serotonin. Red meat has a better tyrosine content which is what you want for dopamine production. Doctors don’t even wanna hear about macros and neurotransmitters and prescribe away potent drugs. What a shitshow.

Well I’m trying to gain weight right now so it would be touch to go low carb. BUT! In January I’ll be super low carb, it will be interesting to see how that does.

Keep that study in mind then


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L-tyrosine -total gamechanger for all of the above. …Thib been writing about it a lot recently

-need to play around with timing of day u take and dosage to find personal sweetspot might even be more drowsy at first but once you do huuuge difference

What dose worked for you?

Still on the fence about supplementing as opposed to tweaking macros. But since many won’t touch their diet in spite of obvious side effects, then tyrosine could be practical.

3-4grams, early evening/before workout works best for me