Doorway Pullup Bars?

Has anyone had any bad experiences with these? In terms of damage? I was thinking about getting one, but im worried it might f up the doorway! If i had my own house i wouldnt give a shit, but the last thing i want is my dad coming home and seeing the door trim pulled off and in pieces on the floor!

I bought one from NY barbell, and it didn’t fuck up the doorway too bad. It left some dents on the vertical moulding on one side of the door, and it left a black mark on the sheetrock on top of the door.

Which kind are you getting? I have the one you have to screw in a small round mount on each side and the pullup bar expands into the mounts. The other kind mounts on the moulding somehow. The only damage mine produces is the 3 screw holes on door frame, which can be filled in easily. The one that mounts onto the moulding seems like it could rip them off.

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other kind:

I have a Valeo. No probs at all. I do check periodically to be sure the screws stay tight. I weigh 200 lbs.

Do a search for the Door Gym. I have one and it hasn’t caused any damage to any of the door frames I have used it on.