Doorway Blast Strap Configuration

I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to get extra reps in when just sitting at home. I think I figured out a decent way of suspending blast strap handles in a doorway without damaging anything. Guess I’ll know when I take them off.
All you need is two big C clamps and 2 2x4’s.
I was going to use a piece of 2x4 wood on each side but I have to get it still so I just used books that were sitting in a box in the closet just to test it out. Mission accomplished.

pic with blast straps

I use gymnastic rings suspended from an Iron Gym pull up bar for dips and push ups. The C clamps look like they’d facilitate a quicker set-up.

Well played on the book choices…

ha yeah they were the only ones I was willing to kind of destroy. A Perfect Storm, A Brief History of Time, and Homer’s The Odyssey (which I plan on reading still). I used a hockey puck on the other side to see if that works and it did. But I’m going to use 2x4’s once I get my hands on a couple. Those should work way better.