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Door Way Gym / Pull-Up Device?

Newyorkbarbells.com sells a device you can hang on the top of your door frame and do multiple variations of pullups.

There’s also a newer one on TV advertised called the “iron gym”?.

Curisou if anyone has ever tried any of these devices and what’s their thoughts.

I tried one. I found it effective. It feels just like a pullup bar should. You have to bend your knees 90 degrees though to keep feet from touching. I would buy one If I didn’t do them at the gym. But yeah, they work.

Do they scuff your door frame or leave any marks?

How much weight can hang from them?

I love how the new one on TV advertises it as a dip station too and shows the guy doing a whopping 1-2" ROM dip with it.

They will generally screw up door frames.

I have the doorway gym from newyorkbarbells.com. I’ve been using it for about 2 and a half years.

My weight is between 235 and 240 and have had no problems with damage to my doorframe


Great to hear.
Are you happy with the one from NYBB.com?

How wide can you go on a grip? Would it be considered a wide grip or medium grip?

Thanks in advance bud.

Yeah, I like it. I wanted somewhere at home to do pull ups and didn’t have room for a proper station, so it has been great.

I’d say that the grip is medium.