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Door pull-ups for those that do not have a pull up bar.

I learned about door pull-ups recently from Pavel who learned about them from kickboxer Bill Wallace. Just place a towel over a door and do pull-ups against the door. The doors in my apartment in Santa Monica are sturdy enough and I knock off reps several times a day. Due to the friction of pulling against the door, your lats will get a major pump.

Mike Mahler

I can see me doing this now. I can also see my door coming off the hinges. It might work for pavel because he weighs like 143. haha.

I’ll try them

I’d be afraid of getting a sliver.

yeah, my doors won’t hold me at a meager 183 for long. if you want to try something even more fun, go for door frame pullups. get a fingertip grip on the top of the door frame and try to get some repetitions. again this relies on the material strength and competence of your builder. this move is excellent for climbers.

I used to do pullups on a brick wall and gateway at home :slight_smile:

grip work and back work all in one!

yes, I would not recommend them for you Goldberg. At 190, I do not have a problem.

Mike MAhler

i prefer a tree!

rocky style!

I actually did them on a stair well once.

I’ll crank out a set on the data closet’s rack ladder. The bars are pretty thin, so I get a line on my hands, but if installed properly, you should be able to hang from them.

i don’t have a pull up bar, but i usually find some kind of hanging bar apparatus at the gym.

but i must admit, air humping the door does have its benefits.


Uncle B you are not supposed to do them naked!!!

If your gym doesn’t have a pull-up bar, ust place the barbell on the highest pins on the squat rack and do pull-ups from that.

I do em off an arial truck ladder when I train at work. Life is sweet when you can get paid to train.