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Door Gym

I’m interested in purchasing a Door Gym to do pull-ups at home. Anyone own one of these?

Yep. got one. Thing rocks. Monkey’s gotta hang from something, afterall.

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I understand that the bar hangs on the door frame. Does this do any damage to the frame? Does it ever slip during a set?
Also, the molding around my door frames isn’t very thick, maybe 1 inch. Do you think this would be a problem?
Thanks for your help.

Not an issue. My walls are cardboard quality and it holds fine, jsut be careful when taking it off so as not to scratch the paint.

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You have to put four screws in the door frame. I have one and honestly hate it. Stand in a door frame and hold your arms up and you’ll see that most doorframes are too narrow to really do a good pullup.

Gotta be better than the clothes hanger I bought. I bought a chin/dip station because the gym I work out in sucks ass when it comes to chinning capabilities. So, I measured it up, did some reps in the store, got all horned up and bought it. Once I got it home and got it set up, I suddenly couldn’t use it as efficiently as I could in the store. My head brushes the ceiling, my knees hit the frame, my heels keep taking out tables etc. In short, it doesn’t really do the trick with the space I have.

I actually started doing pull ups on an overhang in my house above the stairs. Trouble is, if I slip, I’ll be asking for a wheelchair for Christmas. Was considering one of these door thiings, but I guess I’ll have to keep looking.

What are the four screws for?
I realized the issue about the width, but at least I will be able to do shoulder width chins.
What else do you dislike about it?

I have one, too. Mine doesn’t need any screws or anything, and just holds by the molding of the door. No damage done to the door frame and it remains sturdy… highly recommended.

I had one and I hated it. The damn thing would never stay up. I felt totally unsafe using it.

The best bar I have found for the doorway is the one that is used for gravity boots. (You can buy the bar separately). This thing is made out of steel so it doesn’t bend. It also has pads on it to keep you from slipping. Most door chin bars are crap because they are made from slippery aluminum, so they bend and are hard to grip.

This bar is only 20 bucks but it rocks:


The one I have (can’t remember the brand name) has two cups that you screw into the door frame. Then the bar unscrews like a shower rod into the two cups. It’s not going to slip. It came with two sets of the cups, one to set the bar for pull-ups, and one to set lower to hold your feet for situps.

a cheap alternative is a standard or olympic bar.this gives you great room if you can find a way to mount it.i have two 4x4 posts in the ground in concrete and the bar sits on the top of the posts.i anchored it with muffler clamps so its sturdy as hell.i am tall 6’3" and those door and gym bars dont work for me.i also use this same bar for hanging with the gravity boots and ab straps.anyway,its outside so its a bit cold or hot depending on what month your doing it.best of luck

I’m not sure everyone realizes what the Door Gym is. It is not one of those bars that goes between the door frames and stays there (or is supposed to) by pushing against the frame with rubber end pieces. I have tried these bars before with no success and that is why I am looking at the Door Gym as an alternative.
If any of the previous negative comments were in relation to the aforementioned type of bar, and not the actual Door Gym, I would appreciate clarification so I can make a better decision about whether or not to buy the Door Gym.

Just to clarify, I was talking about the Door Gym. It kicks ass.

Thanks pluto. Anyone else have a review of the Door Gym or want to clarify their previous comments as to whether they were talking about the Door Gym or some other pull-up bar?

Mine isn’t called a Door Gym, but it easily fits in a standard size door and can easily be taken out (no screws or fancy gear needed) when not using it. You can take it anywhere, and it has a variety of grips for chin ups and pull ups. I purchased mine from Champs Sports for $30. It’s good up to 300lbs, but I think most of that depends on the sturdiness of your door frame. I’m small and don’t weigh much, so my chin bar is perfect for me. It was one of the best pieces of gym equipment I have ever purchased. Highly recommended.

I was talking about the door gym and yes I hated it and felt unsafe using it.