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Doomed: Physique Grows...Deformed?

Lately I dont know where else to turn, it seems my physique is hell bent on growing malshapen.

See I started getting serious about lifting after doing some haphazard fly by the seats of my pants training for some years. And now that I can see some real progress I see things that really scare me about how my physique is growing.

My biggest concern is my back, for some reason my right shoulder/back can move further forward than my left. I notice when doing pullups, rows, shrugs I can really feel the right back working, but can hardly feel the left.

I’ve already switched to dumbells, and tried to even emphasize my left portions of my back to no avail. I can only wonder if it stemed from a shoulder injury about 8yrs ago, or if its genetic.

Also need to point out that it is a mechanics issue, I can try as hard as I can with my left portion of my back but i dont feel its working well or how it should.

All day i cant help but try and flex my back and notice the difference between how the different sides feel… Someone help before i go insane

post pictures so we can see what your talking about. one from the front and one from the back

Well, might not be the most imformed answer ever, but I dislocated my shoulder a few years ago, and same thing. Left side is well behind right side.

Yeah your prob being paranoid. do other people notice? if not dont worry. I dislocated my right shoulder and now have more range of motion in my right shoulder in nearly every direction. stretch the left side and when you do back movements only pull untill you reach full range of motion on your left side.
stop stressing

Are you equally strong in both sides of your back?
Maybe you should do only 1-armed pulling exercises for a while… 1-armed DB rows, 1-armed cable pulldowns (well, unless you can do 1-armed pullups… then do these instead), 1-armed DB shrugs, never doing more weight/reps on the right side than on the left. Only switching to DB’s might not do the trick.

Everyone has imbalances to some extent. How is your posture? Check out some of Mike Robertson’s mobility articles, some good stuff in there that might help you out.