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Doomed From a Higher Bodyweight?


I dream about performing planches for extended periods of time and repping out single-leg squats but I would like to accomplish these by steadily increasing gaining more muscle.

Now, every time I see someone do a planche or a single-leg squat, they're always gymnast-type people who have readily no muscle mass (with the exception of ross enamit, whom I admire greatly) so would there ever b a point when I would just have to suck it up and admit that too much muscle would hinder my ability to do such exercises?



If you keep you body fat within reason and do plenty of heavy low rep work to improve strength and build the efficiency of your nervous system, having a good amount of muscle won't hinder your athleticism. Some of the Cirque de Soleil performers are quite jacked, and they perform gymnastics-type feats of strength that make one legged squats look like triceps kickbacks.


Strong is strong regardless of weight. Performing the planche as you wish requires great levels of strength and a lot of consistent and frequent practice.