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I have to get something off my chest. I just saw the worst movie ever. Is anybody else as mad about this abomination as I am?? The games were all amazing and revolutionary. Hell, I even read the book back in 5th grade and it was awesome. How could somebody fudge this movie up so bad. It didn't even have anything to do with the game (an extra gene leading to infection that turns people into monsters, where the f--- are the demons from hell???). I feel like all my hopes and dreams have been crushed.


would you say it's as bad as that gheyass sprits within final fantasy shitheap that had nothing to do with the games?


It wasnt the worst movie ever, that one easily goes to Zoolander or Napoleon Dynamite


Actually, the worse movie ever was also based on a video game. House of The Dead is quite possibly the worst footage ever strapped together into one long mimic of a movie. I tossed the dvd out of my car and then backed over it twice. I am still pissed I paid money for it.

The second worse is The Hitchiker's Guide to The Universe.

Yes, DOOM was a let down. They couldn't decide whether to copy off of Aliens or Resident Evil so they simply blended them both together while leaving out any of the good ingredients...like a decent plot, enough decent actors or even the decency to stick to the basic model of the video game.

There should be some way you can either get your money back...or at least warn the rest of the country to avoid buying tickets when crap is released as a movie.


What I didn't understand is where the $70 million dollars went. The whole film felt so low budget. The special effects felt tacked on (ooh look, a big blue thing that melts walls!), the aliens were very obviously men in rubber suits, and the sets felt like, well, sets.


The only tad bit of credit I'll give them, is doing the first person part at the end. It was a little cool and brought back some memories. The whole gene thing was really bad. Like why couldn't they have just had the dig open a gate to the core of the planet which in essence could be considered hell.

This would also have enabled them to use more "monsters". I mean, the same old thing after the first few minutes kinda lost the shock value. They definately needed more monsters, I mean fighting the rock as the end boss? please.



My vote is still for the Talented Mr. Ripley or Moulin Rouge. Gosh...those were the worst. I've never cheered for the end of a movie quite like Moulin. Sometimes, when its that bad, you have to stick around just to find anything redeemable about it.I never found it. I think I almost vomited. This too applies to Napoleon, one of the worst movies I ever wasted time on.

Other bad movies include: Unbreakable, Cast Away, Texas Chainsaw massacre (the new one), and plenty of others. Though I never saw it, another bad game remake was Wing Commander hurls


How can ANYONE not list Super Mario Bros as the WORST movie of all times?


Unbreakable? I think maybe you just didn't get it..like a lot of people didn't. Had they advertised better and explained the premise before people went to go see it, it would have made it to being the first of a trilogy as was planned.

I also don't think the remake of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was that bad. Out of all of these damn remakes, it was nowhere near the worst. The Amityville remake was way worse than that.


Worst Movie Ever--

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

(the one with Rene Zellwegger and Matthew McConaughey).

Complete and utter crap.


Now that it appears this discussion has completely turned towards the worst movies of all time, I'll give you the outright champion:

Freddie Got Fingered.

Every other movie listed on this thread is Citizen Kane-esque compared to that monstrosity.


Gotta agree with Bauer, Freddie got Fingered was a total joke. It was even worse for me cause I watched it in French. and the dub was really bad.

On the other hand, I liked DOOM.. :open_mouth:


I'd say Freddie Got Fingered is the worst. The close second was Alexander. Totally misleading advertising for that movie. You thought you were going to see a historical battle film ala Gladiator. Instead you're given 3.5 hours of Colin Farrel seducing every dude from Greece to China.


I was pretty much going to reply saying this.
Unbreakable also had one of the best endings I've ever seen . . . yes, I didn't even think the captions, or whatever, were that bad an idea.
"They called me Mr. Glass."


Wow...Just goes to show everything is subjective.


Doom was a real disapointment. I am getting sick to death of the whole "an extra gene leading to infection that turns people into monsters" deal. What the is wrong demons and hell? Honestly, it's as if people are afraid to make a movie that is truly about battling demons, they always have to go the safe route with the "virus outbreak"

You guys hate Napolean Dynomite? Come on fellas it was beautiful. The dance sequence at the end brings me to tears.


occassionally i enjoy dark films and talented mr. ripley was certainly one of them. i recall being pretty stressed out while identifying with a character for whom i had no empathy. very few stories can actually pull that off.