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Doom, Duke Nukem, Quake


Any of you guys play these games when you were younger? I still play doom to this day :D. I think doom was the greatest game of all time hands down.


My son stopped playing them about 2 years ago... along with Marathon, although he still creates Marathon environments and levels occasionally.


Doom1, Doom2, Duke Nukem 3D Were my favs.

"Come get sum!!!"
"Damn I'm good lookin!!"
"You wanna dance?"


i was never a huge fan of duke nukem or quake...doom, on the other hand, rocked the party.


what about wolfenstien?


when i was younger doom would scare me so much i loved the game but if it was dark outside i had tohave some one watch with me play wiht me ha


Doom64 ftw


that's what I was going to say. Never really got into the others, but W-3D was pretty cool


Yeah, played all of those, including Wolfenstein 3D and all the other derivatives like Hexen, Heretic. There's was also one from 3D Realms I think, that had ridiculous amounts of blood and gibs... Dawn of the Triad?

But Doom is definitely the one I spent the most time with. In second place, I think it would be the first Unreal Tournament... played probably hundred of hours online with that game.


Doom 1 was awesome, never really played Quake and Duke Nukem was really cool too.

Best pre-2000 games to this day are Slave Zero and Diablo II, in my opinion.


It was called "Rise of the Triad". And yeah I used to play them all: duke, doom, wolf, quake. I actually got banned from my junior high school computers for a while because they found out I installed duke nukem 3d on a bunch of computers and we were playing lan deathmatches during school.


Those were the only FPS games I ever enjoyed. I just haven't been able to get into any of the new ones anymore.


Played all of em. That was a great time. FPS was 'the new shit' back then.



Never really played any of the Dooms.
Loved duke3d, and even the original platform ones. Wolfenstein was good, the new one wasn't bad either.

Best FPS of all time is half-life though. Spent thousands of hours playing that.


Duke Nukem is my favorite fps.


I love doom i miss when it came out, it rocked the world.


Have you tried Call of Duty 4? Amazing game.


Doom and Quake were a blast. But the best FPS ever has to be Serious Sam.


Haha, when I was 11 years old I was really good in school so I got to sit in a special room with my friends with a crappy old computer. One day one of them brought doom, man was it a good game :stuck_out_tongue: