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Donut Burger

i almost threw up reading this.

I’m trying to wrap my mind around what thats going to taste like.

Excessively sweet donut crossed with what sounds like a good burger combo, sharp cheddar and bacon.

Might actually be okay.

I’m drooling on my keyboard. Long have I waited for such a creation.

OH GOD! I really don’t feel so good after seeing that image.

Sugar, melted cheddar, bacon and a big beef patty? WTF.

yeah, I love a bacon cheeseburger, and I love a donut, but I just don’t think the sugary sweetness of the donut and the saltiness of the cheese&bacon would go together well at all… sounds gross

My arteries are clogging up just by reading it.

I have eaten a sandwich before that had ham and sharp chedder cheese with maple syrup on an croissant. It was good.

I think the glaze would go well with the bacon and sharp chedder. I would try one.

“Mmmmmm. Forbidden Donut.”

you know whats really funny about this, did anyone see jim gaffigans newest standup, well if you didnt he made reference to a donut burger, then said that “you know somebody at krispy kreme is probally watching this, and saying hey… that might just be good.” now here it is LMFA

seems like itll taste like a McGriddle from

I love McGriddles…

Oh my Gallbladder…

“I can actually hear you getting fatter”

Sounds like the same sick idea as the deep fried in lard mars bar those weird Scots and Geordies eat.

[quote]rrjc5488 wrote:
“I can actually hear you getting fatter”[/quote]


[quote]alkamite wrote:

i almost threw up reading this.[/quote]

That’s just a variation of the Luther burger.

And deep frying candy bars (twinkies, snickers) started in Brooklyn, NYC.


anything-and-not-get-fat-metabolism for the win.

Now, if we could just deepfry this sucker we’d have a winner on our hands!

Coated with cheese, breaded THEN deepfried… and topped with some syrup, powdered sugar and whipping cream.

Sounds like a PR on the big three if you ask me.

This thread seems like the perfect place to reference the SNL skit about Taco Town…


Worse than a greasy pork sandwich served in an ashtray