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Don't You Love When Sh*t Works?

So yesterday on my way to the gym I noticed that my right quad was wicked sore. I’d say an 8 out of 10. I stretched it and rolled it out…but it was killing me. Even worse was that it was leg day, deficit lunges and front squats…ouch. Every rep reminded me of how sore and tight this leg was.

I got through the workout without crying like a little bitch and went home.

For the first time in a while my efforts post workout I believe have actually worked.

I hit it with Ice/Heat/Ice/Heat for about 40min, then hand massaged it (ouch), then put a mechanical massager on it and went to bed with some tiger balm on it and took some advil.

This morning I would say that I am roughly 90% better; one small area of pain…but wow. I did good.

Just wanted to share and to see if anyone has had such a massive turn around from their own efforts and not just ‘waiting it out’.

take painkillers.

“I love it when a plan comes together.”

…was wicked sore.

How did I not have to look to see you were from Mass. ??

I did something similar for what I thought was a blown out hamstring. I tried one lunge and I thought it blew out or something. I realized it wasn’t a good day to train on it so I thought I should attempt some active recovery stuff. Well I stretched it out first, did a 10 minute walk, stretched it again for a while then went home to massage it and go in the hot tub. By the next day I was almost 100% recovered and by the day after it felt better than ever.

I got a new PR when my left quad was horribly sore.

Also, my right calf was once horribly cramping (it started during a football game which we won), but I still got a PR for my mile time a couple days later.

I injured my back, rested it, but it still was feeling a bit out of place. Got new PRs for squat, bench, and cleans 3 days after I began resting it. Also, I started deadlifting more than I have ever before.

It was during the same season as the calf, but I really messed up my elbow. Still, I got my triceps stronger then before.

I think I am seeing a trend. When I am in pain, I somehow become better…