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Don't You Hate When...


So I have been hitting the gym hard, eating, supplements, the works. I am up to 210 lbs (back up to 210), from 196lbs a few months ago (I was stressed out). And today a old neighbor of mine asked me if I were losing weight, that I looked thin....ARGH...

Now I know she meant well, but as far an I am concerned thatâ??s like asking a dieting overweight person if they gained weight....

I know "black is slimming" so this is the last time I wear this black shirt!!!!!


an old neighbor*


This happens to me a lot (comments when I have on a black T shirt) but I like it. I have to remind my coworkers that they just called me fat with a white T shirt the day before so it's quite impossible for me to have lost much weight in one day.


this isnt necessarily a bad thing. This happens to me when i bulk because my shoulder girdle grows faster than my stomach, giving the illusion of being skinnier.


x2, same thing if you fix your posture. Your shoulders stand higher and make you look thinner relatively.



I typically get the "you've lost weight" line every time I go back home (once or twice a year or so). Regardless of whether I've gained or lost. Part of that is just that I'm basically fit.

I've definitely got comments on having bulked. And when I do cut weight (down about 15# for the year so far after about 3-4 years of a fairly consistent strength/mass gain), it apparently shows.

Just take it for a compliment and say "thanks". Monitor your body fat and lifting performance, take status/update pics if you want to track your appearance.

Others are generally very unobservant.


I get that too...I am dieting though....

But people who do not lift weights, calling you "skinny" or "thin" is most likely a compliment.

You look much lenaer, sexier and muscular than before....is basically your average person saying, hey you are getting thinner, you look good.


That is probably true, I know there was no harm meant but when you strive to hear the opposite it makes it tough. Actually, what it really did was inspire me to just dial it up in everything. Then again I could start a whole new thread titled 'Over training to the point of injury'!!!

Damn shoulder blade hurts after a heavy chest day at the gym!!!


Awwwwwwwwwwww poor you. That's why I love to fuck with body-builders.
The only thing you need to say to them to fuck up their day and hurt their frail self-esteem is: "Hey man, you look thinner. You lost some weight, huh?"