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Don't You Hate It When...


You get out of the shower. Start drying yourself and discover you didn't rinse under your arms.


Going to the gym and removing your warm-up pants only to find out you forgot to put on your workout shorts.


The classic, farting when you do squats.

Got any of your own.


Kissing your girlfriend goodbye as you leave for the gym, when upon arrival, a few people look at you and start laughing because lipstick is smeared on your lips.


Oh man,

Two weeks ago I was in a hurry to train. So I changed out of my street clothes, put on my t-shirt, screwed my ballcap down tight, laced up the shoes, grabbed the lifting straps, and charged out of the locker room in my boxer briefs.

Fuckin' forgot to put on my shorts.



did anyone notice?

Ive got one

when people say they dont know what the hell they're doing in the gym,they just do what they feel like doing


i was heading to the gym once and forgot to put on underwear. i wouldnt have cared but it was leg day and i didnt want my balls hanging out, i was close enough when it dawned on me to change so it wasnt a huge deal.


when people ask for help and then don't listen


That is my nemesis right there. I remember once lifting at the gym at Smith College, which is an all women's school. I had some friends whose parents worked there so I could usually get in to lift, but the gym was typically filled with women. I was on a leg press machine (this was before I knew about squats), and there was a chick on the machine next to me. I ripped ass. On my next rep I tried to grunt in a way that sounded similar to the fart in order to fool her, but I don't think it worked.


They're training instinctively.


When you're on a date and desperately need to fart.


I hate it when I post something in a thread, and a few posts later, someone posts the same thing acting like he came up with it first... and worse, everyone responds to HIS post and ignore mine.


Plus then you have something positive and interesting to post and it ends up on the bottom of the page and few ever read it.




Sometimes, when I'm squatting really heavy, this usually just happens on front squats, I pee a little bit.

I'm really afraid that one day I'm just going to really pee myself.

And, yes, I do pee before I squat.



When you're in bed with three women, and the least good looking one says, "save it for me!"


Yeah, I hate that too.


The thing I really hate is when you make a post in the thread, and then about six or seven posts later, someone says the same thing.

It's even worse when everyone responds to THAT guy. It's like I'm somehow invisible.


Oh my freaking gosh man, I totally hear you! I wonder why nobody else thought to mention that sooner! But yeah, especially when people respond to the douche that copied someone else's post. Those posers really need to read the thread before posting. That would definitely eliminate the problem.




The "try sets of mini-Kegels" advice sounds like x-reps.

They also recommend "biofeedback". Looks like someone's been reading Scott Abel.


Or they thought you farted twice!