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Don't Write Off Thrusters


I've been doing "thrusters" in sets of 5 and below. This has had amazing effects on my speed, ups, AND physique. In case you don't know the exercise, it's a ATG squat accelerating immediately into a push-press. I practice the behind the neck version more, but I can see upside to both.


Do you do use a barbell for yours?




forgot to mention that my power snatch from the hang increased dramatically with minimal specific practice


Thrusters are amazing. Bring a whole new level of suck to a workout. I did a thruster/brupee workout over the weekend and was mentally one of the more difficult workouts I've done.


I would but I need the tax deduction.



Man, thrusters are the one move that actually gets me anxious/nervous before training. Yup more so than heavy squats, deadlifts etc.

What's your sets/rep/prgramming/loading protocol for them?