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Don't Want to Shrink, Just Lose Fat

i lost 10lbs sense i last posted on the site,

i have a 42inch frame str8 across, the chest and waiste area, i want to keep that size,

the 42 inch measurement is without the fat, when i loose the fat i don’t want the pencil kneck look i won’t to keep most of my size just loose the fat,

i thought when i loose the fat the 42 inch frame would shrink lol,

most of the size in my chest and stomach area isn’t fat because most of that is on my back and in my legs.

i want to loose the fat to improve posture and reccuring back pains, then work on building muscle

…and your question is?


My lean body mass is around 185-200
im currently 230, im really wondering
if my current size will shrink after i
loose all this fat, im 42 inches in width
i was wondering if that will shrink when i
loose the fat because i want my stomach to be 42 inches in width ( its that wide without the fat )

because i plan on being 235 lbs but with muscle

right now im 230 but very little muscel

sense im worried about loosing mass should i just build muscle as is, i might gain 20-30lbs but least it will be muscle


Read all of it, the whole thing.

Work out heavy while you get your diet in order. Do not try to lose the fat before you start adding muscle. I would say that anyway even you hadn’t expressed an interest in muscle. It’s the reason most people can’t keep the fat off once they stop dieting. Speaking of which, don’t diet. Find out how to eat properly. Do it forever. Build strength forever. Make it a habit for life.