Don't Want to Modify "Look Like a Bodybuilder" But May Have To

Hi Coach, I hope you and yours are well? (You mentioned the other day that your health is a bit of a concern at the moment, I hope that is squared away and wish you all the best btw)

Anyway, I am following your “look like a body builder, perform like an athlete” program. I managed to do the 1st test to determine 3rep MTW and then based the 1st cycle of the program on that…

What I have found is that at my age of 43/4, even though I managed to post decent numbers on the test week, I am struggling with the program as it stands now.

Strength is so far down that I went back and checked the calculations for training weights and the original test thinking that I made mistakes but they are accurate. I have also picked up terrible pain in my right elbow (possibly from the highpull), that I feel in ALL exercises, plus when pressing, my shoulders feel like they are bone on bone, but the pain goes away after the session, only the right elbow remains.

Now, I was wondering if the weights might not be to high for me? I found this post:

And you mentioned in it that age does in fact play a large role and is quite likely what I am experiencing.

I was thinking to myself that I could perhaps keep the frequency the same, even the volume, but reduce the poundages used in the exercises? But, then it would no longer be your program and that part bothers me…the last thing I want to do is put time in under the bar but mess around with weights that are either to light or would bring no improvements…

TBH, the program as it stands now is a grind…I have to really motivate myself to get under the bar…another indication that I am using poundages to heavy?

Any insight or advice that you could give would really be appreciated…I am not ready to walk off into the weight sunset yet :wink:


Yes, going lighter but focusing on speed is never a bad idea, especially with a high frequency

No, it might be that this program is not for you. Maybe it doesn’t fit your neurological profile and as a result it doesn’t give your brain what it needs and might even create a stress response


Hmmm… I hear you, but I do like the frequency and the “low” number of exercises…that is why I chose the program…I enjoy it, it just seems to wear me out…

I think that I may employ your suggestion in your 2nd post of lightening the load and focusing on speed, that might just keep me fresh and motivated. Will adjust depending on how it plays out going forward.

BTW, during the workouts, I can “feel” when the light has gone out (believe it or not, I feel it in my eyes, they just go dog tired all of a sudden and I struggle to see far)…usually around half way through the workout the mental energy is gone and then that’s when the slog begins but I am usually stoked that I finished the whole thing…(I do do pre-workout nutrition, but not during as anything other than water makes me nauseous and then I fuel up afterwards as well)

When you hit the wall you need to stop, regardless of when that happens in the workout. Also look for my article on neural charge training. You might want to throw them in there once or twice a week instead of the regular workouts

SH!T, I knew I forgot to do something…I know I read that in one of your articles…Damn, that is a problem I have, pushing to far. I will try to reign in the “finish or die trying” attitude when it comes to working out.

Thanks again Coach.