Don't Want to Graduate, Leave Gym

I don’t want to graduate from college and move away from San Diego because my university’s gym is just perfect? I mean, where else can I find 9 squat racks (with most people actually doing squats) and 8 platforms (for olympic lifts)? Dumbbells that go up to 160…I wouldn’t mind training here forever (or until my body gives way). Basketball courts galore (im an avid bball fan). Women who are totally fine as far as the eye can see.

Only downside may be that there are 3 bench press specific benches (although you can always use a regular bench in the squat rack). Interesting how my passion seems to overcome my logic, lol. Downside to training here if you don’t attend the university is that it can get expensive. Ah, options, options.

What university is this, because I don’t remember UCSD’s gym being this awesome (and there’s no way you’re talking about ucsd chicks).

Suck it up & pay for it. From the way you have descrbied it why the hell would you NOT pay for that kind of lifting environment? You avhe it good & you know what they say about when something’s gone…

[quote]Kaizen08 wrote:
Interesting how my passion seems to overcome my logic, lol.

If you’re really passionate about it, why not just pay for it? Shit you have it good from what you just said.

This is UCSD’s gym. Its in the RIMAC arena, somewhat newly built I believe. Downside is that its packed with people, many of them doing curls. I would actually pay for it, but I’m not gonna be living here in a while.

my dad works out at ucsd, works there too.

your gym might be better then my schools gym, SDSU. i didn’t realize UCSD had such a nice gym. Maybe i will switch. I think i can get a discount.

sdsu’s gym is pretty damn amazing though, imo

I’m also at SDSU’s gym, only on days I have class. It’s decent, and better than fitness centers, but I wouldn’t say amazing. UCSD’s does however sound pretty nice.

Ah yes, college. It was nice having endless supplies of calorically dense grub; read unlimited meal plan at the cafeteria. Slept until 10 or 11 AM everyday, trained all the time, lounged around at the campus pool all summer catching glorious rays. A conducive environment for muscle growth indeed.