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Don't Wanna Inject More Than Twice a Week

I’m going to start the following:
(14 weeks total cycle time)
Weeks 1 – 14:
– Testosterone Enanthate at 500mg/week
– Equipoise at 400mg/week
This is my 2nd cycle. 1st cycle was tests only, I used to inject 250mg on Saturday and 250mg on Wednesday.

I don’t want to pin myself more than twice a week. I’ve decided to do:
-500 test on Saturday.
-400 EQ on Wednesday.

Please let me know how you would do it.

I would do 250mg/test and 200mg EQ in the same syringe Saturday and repeat on Wednesday


In the same syringe? Gotta learn how to do that.

I have never done that but the process would be pretty easy.

1- Draw test
2- Switch to sterile needle to draw EQ, I would be careful to not cross contaminate your source vials
3- Draw air into the barrel in the same amount that you are going to be injecting of EQ
4- Switch from drawing needles to injecting needles
5- Purge air from barrel, letting a drop run down the needle to act as lube.

What happens if I don’t change the needle and contaminate them a little?

Contamination is contamination. I am not sure if they are suspended in the same oils or how they would react together.

Why would you chance it? Needles are like .25 cents.

Im just asking. I saw a few posts and there was nothing about commination, everyone seems to just use the same needle.

I always draw test first then draw next compound. For instance I draw test. Then masteron, then draw from tren vial.

I use the same drawing needle I’m drawing from one sterile environment to another. If you are the type that pushes up when you poke you risk getting your previous drawn compound in current vial. I don’t I just draw and keep it moving

So basically you should be safe as long as you don’t push the plunger when you poke?

And what’s that worst that can happen if say a tiny amount of test gets mixed with eq?

Btw I used to push a bit of air into the vial to reduce the suction.
And that’s exactly what I’m worried about. How do I manage it this time around?

Youl die! No seriously nothing will happen.

Ya i used to I don’t anymore. I just hold the plunger with the bottom of my hand when I poke then pull with my bottom fingers and palm. Hard to explain but super simple concept.

Once you get the hang of it you can draw from multiple vials In the matter of seconds

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I always draw T last (so its first to go in) since it is most important and I don’t want any left over in the needle.

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Sounds like you’re super sensitive with test.