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Don't Usually Feel Old...

Some of these last few posts are making the point I was initially making.

I never really feel old until somebody does something like creates a category called “For 35+ year olds.”

[quote]Kuz wrote:
Professor X wrote:
I have yet to read anything in this section that justifies its existance…aside from issues of juggling a family with finances, career, and training. Longer recovery? At 35? What the hell have you done to yourselves that your body is falling apart at 35?

As a lurker on this forum (since I am a young whipper-snapper of 32), I think the one thing about this forum that is kind of nice is that you tend to avoid some of the immature idiocy found in so many of the other forums. Just my 2 cents.


Oh yes!

Well, let’s think about this. I was a baby in the 60’s, a child in the 70’s, a teen in the 80’s, an adult in the 90’s, so it is obvious that I am old in the 2000’s. (At 2010 I get to start over again.)

Really, old is a concept. I am in better physical shape then a 19 year old I know. He is fat, smokes cigarettes, and pot, and gets wasted most weekend nights. He is just tearing his body apart.

2 years ago people were surprised I was in my 30’s. Interestingly stress, and some gray hairs popping up in my goatee did not help. (Stress ages you more then smoking believe it or not.)

I have decided that once I get below 200, I will shave my goatee off. (Unfortunately I am taking a break on my diet while my wife is recovering from foot surgery. Lack the motivation while taking care of her, but start back up on Monday.)

I have read that many people living today should have no problem living to 100, and some use the term early middle age, and late middle age, then old. Then there are those who define age as your state of health, like the Real Age site, which I just tested at 2.9 years younger then I am. But I do dislike the fact that they take things like seat belts into account. I would prefer actual health, not risk. (Then again you can lie, which takes another 1/2 year off.) Also I modified the information for the BMI.

35 is the new 25.


we don’t agree often, but I think you were spot on.


Well, being that I’m 34, I have accomplished a few things, I am an active person. I have the proverbial “American Dream”. But what makes me feel old is the mountainbike racing season, no not the cross country weight weenie stuff, but the down hill mountain cross races. At one event I had to race against 18 and up kids, holy smokes, talk about some fast, crazy young folks! But out of about 40 riders, I took 10th place, not bad for an “old fart”

34 = “old fart”?
Some of you are delusional. I hope that was a joke.

That is exactly what it was, a joke. 34 is quite young, at least in my eyes. I have all my hair, teeth, I believe I’m in better shape than a lot of fellas in thier 20’s. BUT, some of my injuries from the past do haunt me from time to time, like my tibia that is plated in titanium and plenty of hardware that keeps it there.(mountain biking accident). Other than that, I’m still a rockin’!

[quote]ZEB wrote:
I get a kick out of 30 somethings saying they are old…What the heck are you guys going to say when you hit 40, 50, 60, and older? You have to change your mind-set guys.

Professor X wrote:
I agree. Until this section went up, I didn’t consider your thirties as old at all. I considered 45 middle age. These guys make it seem as if you fall apart as soon as you hit 35…[/quote]

I agree you’re only as old as you let yourself feel.

However, I think the thing with 35+ is this is where the body begins to show its limits. Not that old age is well entrenched. Mid to late 30’s is where I first discovered I could no longer ignore my body “push through” everything, and not pay for it later, like I used to do in my 20’s.

It’s where I first was presented with the fact that I needed to be smarter than that, or my body was no longer going to cooperate.

But hell yeah, I’m far from old!

[quote]…one of the docs at my clinic just turned 60 and I swear I thought he was in his 40’s until he announced his age. He also rides a motorcycle (sportsbike…Honda 1000)

Maybe you all should get motorcycles.[/quote]

Now that’s some of the best advice I have read yet!