Don't Understand Why Short Cycle of 8 Weeks On/Off is Better Than Longer

Hi. If recovery from a cycle can take 8 weeks in itself, then how is it better to use 8 week cycles and then as soon as your body is getting back to operating normally just start over again? I’m posting this from coming from 6 Months On, 6 Off?
where basically a lot of people were calling him a moron. is being shut down for 6 months then letting your body have 6 months of normal function really worse than doing 8 weeks then as soon as it gets back to normal going “nope… back at it again”

I do believe the standard is 12 week not 8 weeks or 6 months. Both sound like very bad ideas.

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8 weeks is to short imo and 6 months is to long

My sweet spot is 16 week blast 2 month break.

Altho a lot of people advocate for 4 months break