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Don't Take if You're Under 18

I see this warning on pretty much every dietary supplement that promotes weight loss, energy gain, and hormone gain (such as the supplements found on this site and on biotestedge.com). As a 17 year old, I’d really like to use some of the supplements, as they would enhance my workouts and my fat-burning/muscle building capabilities.

Does Biotest (and other manufacturers) discourage underage use because we’re not legal adults?

or do people underage generally have different hormonal needs (maybe we produce a ton of testosterone since we’re in puberty)?

[quote]jo3 wrote:

or do people underage generally have different hormonal needs (maybe we produce a ton of testosterone since we’re in puberty)?


that’s pretty much it. besides, messing up your hormones while you’re still growing can stunt your growth, etc.

It’s politically imprudent to expressly target the under-18 set. That said, the most worrisome products are testosterone boosters, if only for the possibility of prematurely closing growth plates.


I don’t think you’d have any problems with things like weightloss supplements, and all that stuff…The supplements you want to stay away from are any testosterone boosters. I’m a 17 year old as well, and I know what you’re going through. But honestly at this age, you can literally transform your body in less than a few months.

would Low-Carb GROW!, Biotest Surge, or Power Drive be bad for me? or are those 3 exceptions since they don’t contain any testosterone (or I don’t think they do).

I drink a whey protein drink after every workout. It’s made by GNC, gives 40g of protein per serving, but because it doesn’t really taste like a chocolate shake, I want to shoot myself every time I drink it…haha (it’s not THAT bad…but its kinda weird)

i don’t see anything wrong with Surge and Power Drive. i was looking at their nutritional facts on biotestedge.com and didn’t see anything odd or any “don’t take if your under 18” warnings.

but my 1st priority is to not screw over my body…so if you know that taking any of these will, then let me know. Thx


Low Carb GROW!, Surge, and Power Drive would be great to add in to your daily supplements.

The Surge, I feel, is a must. Everyone will benefit from optimal PWO nutrition.

The GROW! You will love the taste as well as getting a great mix of proteins, dont forget to get whole food as well though.

I am recently an addict to Power Drive and will not go another W/O without downing a serving with some green tea before hand.

So yes by all means, if you want those supplements they would be fine for you, and in the case of Surge is a MUST.

You could also go for Classic GROW! and Red Bands if you are so inclined.

Just remember nothing is going to replace a solid diet and training. You should do your best to nail these first.

Hope this Helps,


Hey, there, jo3.

Low-Carb Grow! is protein powder (with a few other ingredients). Protein isn’t bad for anyone at any age. In fact, it’s good for you at any age. The same goes for Surge. Surge is made up of protein (a whey hydrolysate) and some maltodextrin and dextrose, which are nothing more than high GI sugars.

Power Drive includes some supps that will help with focus, mental energy and alertness. Once again, there’s nothing contraindicated for someone who is 18 or under 18.

But right now, at your age, your focus shouldn’t be on what supps to use. What’s most (or more) important is eating good food (and lots of it), cutting out the junk like Coke and snacks and MacDonald’s. Work out, hard!, stay active and just have fun!

Except for PWO, get your protein, as much as you can from whole-food sources, and use Low-Carb Grow when you’re in a pinch and to boost your protein intake a bit. Even protein powder won’t make you hyooge.

Surge is good for everybody who works out. Have you read, “Solving the Post Workout Puzzle,” I & II by John Berardi?

No i haven’t read those 2 articles…but now I think I will :smiley:

I think I’m gonna invest in some Surge, Grow! and Power Drive. hopefully, Surge will work wonders and I won’t need Grow! or Power Drive because I don’t work so all my money comes from allowance from my parents (I’m probably the only one in T-nation that still gets allowance…)

thx for all your advice

jo3, I can tell you from experience that what they are telling you is exactly what you need. My 15 year old has been eating like a madman for about 6 months, he takes Surge post workout, and usually 1 or 2 Grow! shakes each day, and kids have been asking him if he’s on roids, and believe me, he doesn’t have great genes! Eat between 6-8 times a day, a lot of protein, fruit or vegetable with every meal, you can get a lot of great diet help from this website. In fact I was one of the lucky ones who got the privelige of reviewing John Berardi’s No Nonsense Nutrition DVD, and can tell you it is worth the money if your just starting out.

im a 17 year old myself and just ran outta the whey ive been taken. From what i hear you all saying, would it be best to just take Surge and nothing else?

Im fixing my diet as we speak, and know that that is the most important. Should i take both Surge Post workout, and also GROW!? Or would the Surge be sufficient by itself without the GROW?