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Don't Start a Gym

Good advice from this week’s Dose:

One for @pookie79 and others on this thread:


After reading this I second it. I am so glad I have my garage gym.

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GOD the article depressed me… makes me nostalgic for my first gym I lifted in.

The days of Gold’s Gym Venice, Muscle Beach, and the original World Gym that cater only to hardcore bodybuilders are long gone. There are a few great hardcore gyms out there that have survived and are still amazing places to train, but these are the exceptions.

I think in the article bodybuilders could be easily be replaced by just lifters.

Luckily for me my mum bought a gym on a whim as she liked the old building it was in so I’m stuck in the business.


The lack of hardcore gyms nowadays is really depressing. I am originally from the UK and luckily there are still many hardcore(ish) gyms dotted around the country. Now I live in The Netherlands and hardcore gyms are rare to come by. If you do find them, they are usually pretty expensive for a membership, far from where you live, and some usually have membership number restrictions.

The great thing about hardcore gyms is, you usually get to train with people who have a decent knowledge of training, are really serious about it and, are willing to help out the new guys. There is also a nice sense of ‘community’. People are serious about progress. With large chains, it’s nothing more than a cash grab, plastic machines, ridiculous rules, selling useless personal training packages and, creating nothing but a large circus of people who have little to no guidance/idea about training.

Perhaps one day they will make a return on a large scale, but I am not holding my breath.

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Yeah outside of the Warehouse gym’s you see guys start over here … Im pretty sure that the old style gym’s I mention are gone. Pretty much why I just focus on my own garage gym.

I think this is actually part of the reason right here. Bodybuilding, and lifting in general, really blew up in popularity in the 70s-80s so all the yuppies came and flooded the gyms, and all the old heads just said “fuck this” and started working out at home. Then it just became pandering to the lowest common denominator as gyms started trying to bring in as many yuppies as they can

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i think there was allot of factors that played into it over all… Unfortunately, your more serious lifters only make up a small percentage of the fitness community. So with not enough to sustain a gym only focusing on that small demographic most gyms will focus on the casual lifter and Fitness Enthusiast . I kind of find it odd that in some places your serious type lifters are viewed as oddities by members in most places… I refuse to use the word gym in favor of the term fitness center.

Today I watched someone load 200kg on an Elieko power bar and do rack pulls from above the knee… then drop it from knee height on every rep.

If that bar is forked, it would be a miracle. I’d cry if that was my bar!!

I tend to agree. I am inclined to agree. I postulate an agreement. No really, you shouldn’t have. Oops…

Nah. DO it.

Pls not the Eleiko…


It’s a coordinated attack against the IPF. Bend all the Eleiko Power Bars and bring down the IPF.

Brb heading to the gym to do some rack pulls.