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Don't Shoot the Puppy


I bet you all shoot the puppy on your first 3 tries at least.


I'm on level 8 right now and still going.


Best. Game. Ever.


Completed level 15. I shot him on my first 2 tries.


I shot that puppy for like 5 minutes straight before I figured out what to do...

Well worth it.


As the game goes on, I want to shoot the puppy more and more.

Which brings us back to this classic game:



That kitten game is good fun for the whole family.
I can't stop playing.


1803 ft! WooHoo!


I beat the game!! Damn, I wish I had a controller . . . the game would be just THAT much more fun.


that was cool


That game makes me want to shoot myself.


Yet, here you are.


Kitten Cannon looks a lot like Monkey Bash on those electronic bar top games. I wonder which came first.


How can you not shoot the puppy? Its like a reflex! Puppy=BANG!