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Don't Run From the Cops!



Idiot should of just pulled over.


The end reminded me of terminator 2 when arnold was on the hood of that semi truck shooting in the windshield.


Was the guy in the car firing at the cops?



Frankly, did it matter? The cop was on the hood, and the guy started to drive away. I think that's what they call "assault with a deadly weapon".


I don't know if people were always this stupid, but my theory is that those children you see in public running amouk, the parents yelling at them, threatening them, but never actually following through with any punishment, grow up to be like this. They don't realize how authority works.

My other theory is that everyone has seen plenty of high speed chases on the local news, COPS, etc. But they never see the ones that end like this. And there's never any follow up to the ones they do show, like this idiot eventually spent $6000 in legal fees, payed $2500 in fines, and spent 2 years in jail, all because he didn't want to get pulled over for driving with a suspended license.


He had to have been, or he tried to run the cops over, there's no other reason a cop can shoot a guy point blank...right?


Seattle cop shoots 13-year-old

[i]Published on Monday, October 15, 2007.

Source: Seattle Times

A 13-year-old was taken to the hospital with leg wounds early this morning after a confrontation with a Seattle police officer during which the officer mistook a cellphone for a weapon.[/i]



Does it matter? A vehicle can be used as a weapon. The fuck wad in the car got what he deserved and nobody else got hurt, works out just fine.


So some fucking stupid kids are spraying graffiti at 3am, run when a cop approaches, refuse to comply with instructions, takes off his coat and reaches into his pocket with a loaded weapon pointed at him? What do they feed kids these days, retard berries?


Mistakes happen and this isn't the only time, still they deserve our respect. Good thing the kid survived. I hope he gets his act together. I hate taggers.

Here's a little of what some cops have to go threw.
Being a cop is a very tough job.


Hence, "Don't run from the cops!".


How about being on the hood of a car thats about to be driven away, with an obviously reckless driver behind the wheel. I dont see how this cop should catch any flack for what he did.


Real simple proposition: if I think you're pulling a weapon on me, I will shoot you. Not a thing wrong with that.



no. no. NO.

Fuck man. Seriously. Are you an officer? I sure as hell hope not.

If you THINK someone is going to pull a weapon on you, you are willing to shoot them? People like you are truly dangerous to this society.

You need to spend some time reflecting on what human life means to you, and how easily you are willing to take it.


What are you serious? You wouldn't do the same? Would you rather him get shot?

I think he knows what human life means to him, and he's thinking about his own!

Look in order to think that someone is going to pull a weapon on you, they have to give you a reason. If they're acting violently and giving you a reason to think that, its totally justified.

I happen to know a few police officers and I know a little bit about what they have to go threw. You should try and see things from their perspective not your professors.

Its disgusting how many people take that bad guy's side.


No, I'm a former Marine and I carry a pistol on my person daily as a citizen in the civilian world. I don't magically run around in the world assuming that everyone in life is on the verge of pulling out a weapon and dropping me. However, if you are actively intruding into my world and demonstrating aggressiveness toward me and a willingness to do me violence, then if you pull what I think is a weapon, I'll kill you.

I also know good and well what human life means to me. I have killed a man and I feel bad about it, even though he was a "bad guy". That isn't to say that I regret it, only that it saddens me to have to kill anyone. I hate killing anything. I had to do a mercy killing on a dog once and cried like a bitch afterwards. I ALMOST killed a guy during OEF in the Phillipines who was about to chuck a molotov at me, but he dropped it when I drew on him.

The realization that I was prepared to kill this man brought me to tears that night as I reflected on it. You sir, may call me callous and dangerous, but I find you to be the dangerous one if you were a cop or Marine. If you were willing to put your life and the lives of innocents around you at risk in an effort to protect a criminal, then I am blessed not to have you in my fire team or patrol car.



Great post and much respect, sir.


I hope you learned something from these posts toki123.

Mike that was a great post. You clearly made your point....and mine too.


Mikeyali wrote:

toki123 wrote:

Thinking that someone is "pulling"
does not equal
thinking that someone is "going to pull".


That was cool. If I remember correctly, wasn't one of the lessons from that incident in NY when some cops shot a guy who was leaving a strip club and wouldn't stop his car driving towards some cops that a vehicles being used as a weapon didn't warrant deadly force? That doesn't make sense to me.